Check out these travel trends of 2017 that will help you plan your next trip

Travelling is an easy solution to many of our problems. Doesn’t it just sound amazing to escape from your everyday life into the relaxing realm of an exotic destination?  Every year millions of people travel from one place to another for various reasons and every year the travelling industry records patterns, which lead the travel trends of the year.

Here is a list of travel trends recorded in the year 2017, which might give you an idea about how to plan your next trip or how to manage travelling in between busy schedules-

  1. Revelling in the local beauty

Some may not find the time in their busy schedules to book extravagant tours to exotic foreign destinations. This might urge them to travel to places around the city, the state or the country that they live in. Young traveller souls, who may be looking to travel within budget, will find this a sparkling opportunity. Whatever the case maybe, rich experiences around the local culture are given a high regard.

  1. In the name of business

Another prominent travel trend of 2017 is travelling while on business. Forbes calls this the “Bleisure” which is mixing business with pleasure. Once again, this is for those who cannot find enough time in their schedules. A number of companies now provide employees with incentive travels. Employees now have the freedom to extend their stays to spend time with their loved ones or can bring along their family members to enjoy the authenticity of the destination with them when not on job.

  1. Work without middlemen

Working without a travel agent has become possible due to the rapid growth of technology. Technology has now provided us with the comfort of surfing through various sites, making customized choices and choosing the mode of transport and stay of our choices. With this, we see a decrease in the number of traditional travel agents making it a catchy trend and allowing people to work without a middleman.

  1. Go solo

This one follows the footsteps of the previous trend. With an uproar in only women travel companies and only women haven, the solo travelling concept has picked up, encouraging more women to travel solo. The reason this follows the previous trend is that it urges people to book trips independently looking to invite enriching and adventurous experiences. Some destinations to travel solo in India are Lahul- Spiti, Manali, Kasol, Varkala, Dharamsala and many more that you just need to grab and go!

  1. Nature enthusiasts

With an increase in the ecological imbalance, travellers are now more conscious than ever about Mother Nature. Hence, eco-tourism has picked up like never before. “Ecotourism is about uniting conservation, communities, and sustainable travel”, says The International Ecotourism Society. Travelers practice such eco-friendly methods for its positive impact on themselves and their hosts.


I hope this comprehensive list of the top travel trends of 2017 broadened your horizons and changed your notions about travelling while providing you with many more marvelous travel ideas.



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