3 Boys thrashed and assaulted by the TC Adchini Management (Delhi), in a shameful and inexcusable incident!

Satwikk Trehan, along with his two friends, was thrashed by the TC Adchini management. The incident occurred last evening when Satwikk went to celebrate his success at a work event. TC Adchini, a bar and restaurant in South Delhi had organized a Ladies Night but Manoj, the manager of TC Adchini, had let the boys in. A guest walked up to Satwikk’s table to tell him that his girlfriend had been inebriated and taking too much interest in one of Satwikk’s friends. As a result to this, Satwikk and his friends reassured him and moved further to another table.

The CCTV footage showed the same guest following Satwikk and his friends to the washroom around 1 am, where he abused them. Satwikk demanded the staff to call the manager as he realized that the matter may get out of hand. The manager along with few other people came to sort the situation. The CCTV footage suggests that the issue indeed had been sorted.
But, after Satwikk went a few steps away from the argument, one of the members of the TC Adchini staff followed him, grabbed his collar and punched him on the face. Satwikk then called the police for assistance but a bunch of people from the staff began to hit the three boys to pulp while the manager stood there watching the incident. It was a common friend who had intervened and forced Manoj to take action and call the police.
The victim has a severe jaw condition and has been instructed to be given a liquid/soft solid diet for the next 4 days. Despite the evidence, Manoj, not only refused to reveal the names of the staff members who were involved in the quarrel, but also held Satwikk responsible for the mishap.

Niddhi Trehan, Satwikk’s sister, has brought the incident into limelight by posting about it on the official Delhi Helpost page on Facebook.

Niddhi Trehan’s Facebook post

She also claims that she had demanded to talk to the owner of TC Adchini, Mr Manish Choudhary, but Manoj had refused to give his number declaring that Manish had been well aware of the incident and didn’t wish to talk to her. She has also posted a picture of her brother having serious injuries on his face.
Satwikk’s family is utterly shaken by the incident and want the people to publicly call out TC Adchini for this inexcusable act.

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