6 Things you should know if you are always broke in college- ways to save your money as a student

Inspiration can be drawn from everywhere, even from a part of life where all that one might own is a couple of undergarments and rag-like tees. There are a lot many students who are working extra jobs to pay the enormously annoying college fees. Getting educated means draining out even that one rupee hidden under the corner drawer. That level of poverty where all you can do is struggle with the mess food, cut off from latest movies and keep your scooty aside and travel as a third wheel jammed between two of your friends.

Well, forget getting sandwiched in between two sweaty bodies, think about the effort you would take to collect cash just for that one college trip that obviously is to a place that is totally off the limits. It sure is annoying to be opening your purse and see flies flying out, or checking balance in your account waiting for that scholarship that is going to take months to credit itself from the source to your account. Happy collecting!

No extra effort put in academics is ever enough, you just have to keep on pushing yourself to an extent that finally helps you get a balance of the subject. In courses like architecture, along with the initial college fees, a hell lot is spent for various case studies and not to mention the expensive books over 5k. That one amazing feeling when you’re in the class staring at the blackboard thinking what in the world you are doing with your life, and then you suddenly realise you are broke, is epic. It is always essential to make future plans (not the kind of future plans that make you laugh when the teacher says it) and decide your career direction. As much as it costs a lot to just get that degree certificate, it costs a lot more to maintain your steady balance in life along with that pile of workload and stress coming along with it. As much as it might sound funny, government colleges may have a levied fee system unlike the private institutions.

  1. First of all to survive with a broken pocket in college, the base rule is to keep your phone from breaking. The safer the phone, better is your lesser burden on your struggle. Life with a broken screen phone is as underrated as a base model phone. Phones are now an integral part of life and academics, make sure your money drainage doesn’t begin from buying a new phone because of a broken screen. As much as this sounds unbelievable, I mean it. Save the crack.
  2. Secondly, keep yourself organised. An organised lifestyle actually helps you keep a track of your belongings even if u reach a point and you don’t have any. Finish your academic works on time and give some time for extra reading.
  3. Doing various online designing and writing jobs can help you not only boost your career plans, but also lets you make a decent amount of cash. While working as a part timer at various shops, don’t let academics get hit. A number of apps and portals like Internshala, Frapp etc. can be a good source for that extra buck.
  4. Try and ace your exams, because better marks means better looking resume, which in turn is going to help you get placement and there’s a chance to finally get out of the weight of having no cash. There isn’t any rule book for surviving college without cash. I guess every college student goes through that at least once in their college life. A decent grade or cgpa with attendance above the minimal required is going to help you row out of the difficulties. Yes, as much as I can understand as to how much academics can be a real deal, try making it a habit to be an almost nerd.
  5. This one is kind of an obvious fact – don’t spend on anything unimportant. A thrifty mind will help you save cash for emergency purposes (there are a lot many who do great job on saving the cash but spend it on something really very useless). Stay away from drugs as drugs are costly and can be really very very addictive; but the major point being of course thrifty. Stare away from fancy shops with fancy clothes and footwear, it won’t kill you to be wearing that 2-year-old Bata chappal for a little bit more, and no you don’t need that top just because there is a 50% off on that. Just train your tummy to match up with your empty pockets. As much as there are risks involving eating just the hostel food, the body with get used to that watery sambar and that little worm you found in some other curry. Remember Man vs Wild; yeah so that will give you some inspiration to keep going.
  6. The major one is avoid having happy birthdays and if possible go off somewhere else for that day. College birthday celebrations mean giving a big treat to all those humans you know well and their tag along. And not to mention about the way everyone would come barging into your room and break a few things here and there- just stay precautious. Like I said before, mess food is life. Mess food is good. Happy tuning the Man vs Wild!
  7. Don’t compare your things with some rich kid’s branded things. You know even you can make good cash by growing up and getting a job after graduation. Just focus on how to pay the college fees and how to shake the college office guy to pass your scholarships. Just make use of scholarship for some better purpose other than spending it off by giving treat because in spite of getting your scholarship and you’d be penniless.

It is funny how each and every one make it out of college with a degree certificate, everything for a better tomorrow. Not to mention the various quotes and statuses that inspired you to hold on, there should be a written instruction set on how to make it out of college without being tired for consecutive years. Have a happy year and don’t forget save cash, every cloud has a silver lining. This too shall pass!

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