71st year of independence and India is still a developing nation! What can be the reason?

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Do you really believe that our motherland, the land of “fairs and festivals”, has the proficiency to become a superpower by 2050? All of us have witnessed the social issues that are taking hold of our nation with a durable grip and affecting the mind-set of the people drastically. India has indeed made a lot of progress in terms of infrastructure where you see more skyscrapers and MNC’s than individual houses day by day. India has made progress in terms of technology as well but still fails to meet the requirements to become a superpower by 2050. The question is why?

It’s quite easy to figure out the reason, it’s the mind-set, the ideology of the people that initiates and leads the nation to excel with flying colours. This is where we as citizens lack and it’s highly unlikely for us to change for better anytime soon.

“The Golden Bird” is now languishing and striving to gain the same momentum again with futile efforts. The country, whose pride was the “Kohinoor Diamond”, is now facing unemployment as one of its major economic issue and there is no complicated reason behind it for which you need to invest your “precious hours” to. Know why? Because the reason lies in the people themselves.

When the politicians waste their money in organising “Safai Mohatsav”, calling “sheela and munni”, and, ignoring the basic needs of the people, how can we expect our nation to focus and deliver on the promises that were made to us?

Misuse of social media is becoming a trend. Where it ideally should have been a platform to connect with our family and friends and voice out on major issues, we troll people indecently. “Shaming” is one such activity performed by many socialites. Priyanka Chopra was trolled offensively on wearing a short dress in front of the Prime Minister. People forgot the contribution she made to earn a name and respect for herself and a standing for our country in Hollywood where it is very tough to make a name for you!

The perspective of people define and decide the future of the nation and we don’t have time to check our character, our deeds, but have time to check out the deeds of our neighbours, we still promote gender discrimination, though educating girls has become a trend now, but even now people find their son as their sole means to earn “assets”.

India since time immemorial has promoted peace and now lives with the “chalta hai”(let it be) attitude. So mishaps and wrong social conduct does not matter to us, whether it is related to government, corruption, condition of roads, crimes by “godmen”, or anything else. People have learned nothing from “Asaram Bapu Case” due to which such intense riots occurred in Haryana at the cost of arresting a criminal! The fault vividly lies within the thinking process of the people and not with these masked personalities.

The most widely spread endemic in India is corruption, which must be handled quickly and wisely. Issues of women empowerment, equal wages for every gender is also doing the rounds of every debate table, but none of them can truly be resolved until and unless we change our perception and thinking as a society.

We are more concerned with slut shaming actresses wearing short clothes on beach, even criticising our own Prime Minister on his foreign visits, sucking up to reality shows that promote vulgarity and objectifying women than focusing on the issues that are crippling our nation day by day and making us weak as a society.

These days we see kissing in public is a crime but pissing in public is acceptable! Those warnings do nothing that is inscribed on roads, people still follow what they feel convenient according to their wishes. We have lost our integrity and unity.

The mantra that one must follow is “Be the change, to see the change”. And it has been truly said that a good nation depends upon a good society, a good society depends on a good family and the good family depends upon “YOU”. We all wish ardently to see our India shine brightly in its full extent of capabilities but it is possible only if we stand together and strive to make it happen.

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