A flicker of hope towards change with the ban of “Triple Talaq”

Marriage in India is a holy and a sacred vow between two people. Marriage should not be distinguished by religion, race and caste and have the same dignity for all. But recently in India, there has been a very hyped and increased trend of “TRIPLE TALAQ” whilst the Muslim community. The “Triple Talaq” is a very controversial divorce law, where the Muslim men can leave and get divorced to their wives by simply uttering the word “Talaq” (divorce) three times. This divorcing method is not mentioned in the Islamic law or in the Quran but has been in practice for decades. This law is legal for Muslims according to the Constitution, but the rampant cases forced women to challenge this ongoing custom. Limits were crossed when Muslim men started divorcing their wives over telephones, text messages and video chats.

Many Islamic countries including Pakistan and Bangladesh have banned “TRIPLE TALAQ” whereas in India this tradition was still legal. On 22nd of August 2017, the Supreme Court of India decided to ban this law from the Indian lands. Supreme Court judges state this horrendous practice as “un-Islamic, arbitrary and unconstitutional.” PM Modi, addressing the situation called this decision of the Supreme Court as “historic”

The convenience of the law had given many Muslim men the license to divorce their wives without batting an eye lid and hence it had become necessary to ban this ruthless act against women and for those who had been a victim of this legal crime. It was reported that thousands of women, the majority of who hailed from poor households had been discarded in this manner and were left to wander on the roads or go back to their parental homes.

The ban of “Triple Talaq” has been a huge victory and a blessing in disguise for Muslim women and is also a major step towards women empowerment. Thus, granting equality to Muslim women.

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