A Victorian Sex Toy sold for a whooping €3,200

In a UK Auction, an item was highly expected to set pulses racing. It was an ivory clad Victorian Sex Toy which belonged to an Anglo-Irish family. It is an antique, which is rare to be found and got auctioned in Ireland on April 22, 2017. It was custom designed, with intricate carvings, a very thoughtful gift from a husband to his wife.

The historic period may not be widely known for its relaxed attitude towards sex, but it was invented by Doctors to cure ‘hysterical’ women.

The toy is hand carved and is thought to have been created by the husband in 1840s. Made of ivory, it is complete with a secret receptacle where the wife could keep a lock on it.

Victorian-era sex toy sells for €3,200

The auction took place at Matthews Auctioneers in County Meath. It was assumed that it’ll be sold between €500-€800, sandwiched between a set of decanter labels and some antique portraits. However, surpassing all expectations, it got sold for €3,200. It received more than 100 bids and from 40 different countries.

In the brochure, the sex toy was described as ‘antique carved ivory ladies companion in scarlet lined leather upholstered carry box with inset beveled glass panel’. The piece is carved to such detail that it shows the fold of skin and has a heart carved at the base where the woman would place her fingers. Further, it has a hollowed out area where she could keep a lock of her husband’s hair.

Auctioneer Damien Matthews commented, “It is a beautiful piece, which comes from one of the well-known Anglo-Irish Families.” Commenting on the auction, Matthews said, “It was crazy, we had bids from museums, sex-shop owners, housewives, and doctors – just mad.”  There was also a bidder who traveled all the way from Chile to buy this piece.

The entire bidding process lasted for a total of 4 minutes with bids coming from everywhere. It was surely a very popular piece at the auction

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