The Accidental Prime Minister – Cause of a future political accident?

The Accidental Prime Minister – Cause of a future political accident?

The Accidental Prime Minister not so accidentally hit a raw nerve of the Congress party last evening with its trailer release. The movie is based on a contentious book by Dr Manmohan Singh’s media advisor Sanjaya Baru. The political drama is directed by Vijay Gutte. The timing of this release is very strategically planned as it opens bang into the New Year. Not only that, 2019 is going witness the general elections of the world’s largest democracy. One cannot fathom the momentous role this movie might play in the coming elections.

The movie is based on former Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh. Anupam Kher plays the leading role of the Prime Minister. The uncanny resemblance of the actor and the former PM has left many bewildered. On a side note, in an interview, Kher told his audience that even his mother failed to recognise him on screen. The central plot of the movie primarily revolves around the Nehru – Gandhi family. The trailer opens with a brief comparison made between former PM Manmohan Singh and the hapless warrior from the Mahabharat – Bhishma. In the movie, Dr Manmohan Singh is portrayed as a victim of the Gandhi family politics.

Not much to our dismay, the near – three – minute trailer has stirred a spark of outrage in the Congress party. The Congress party raises an objection and believes that it distorts certain facts. To be precise, in a letter to the makers of the movie the Maharashtra Youth Congress writes, “incorrect presentation of the facts”. Throughout the trailer, we sense a sardonic tone towards the Congress and the Gandhi family.

Satyajeet Tambe, who now heads the Maharashtra Youth Congress, has written a letter to the writes and makers of the movie claiming that Congress should have an early and special screening of the movie so as to cut out the erroneous parts of the movie. In an interview with the Economic Times, Tambe is seen making strong predictions about the movie. He goes on to say that, “The way they have presented the characters (from the Congress) itself is unacceptable. Fake and unproven allegations have been used in the movie to discredit the party.” Such active accusations against the film prior to its release could serve as a major backlash for the MYC chief.

As per the book by Baru, he narrates a story where Dr Manmohan is seen as a ‘puppet Prime Minster’ whose reins are pulled by Sonia Gandhi, the former President of the Indian National Congress. The book constantly takes a jibe at Sonia. It has been narrated that she invariably attempted to cripple Singh’s functioning as a PM. It is assumed that the same is going to be delineated in the movie too.

Congress’s opposition doesn’t come as shock, because this is a crucial period for them with the general elections approaching. Now that Congress is finally gaining momentum in some states this movie could play a major role in manipulating the votes of the general public and sway them in favour of the opposition.  However, the question still remains – Why oppose now? Why not debate the book when it was published? Why now? After the entire movie is a mere amalgamation of the book. If Congress does choose to oppose something, they should probably think again and choose the book over the movie this time.

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