Are we actually living in a democracy: A protocol over a life

Are we actually living in a democracy: A protocol over a life

Is our country really qualified to be called a democracy, where a rally or a VIP movement supersedes the life of a person? Where an ambulance is kept waiting for the smooth movement of a rally or maybe a smooth drive of a minister. Unfortunate to admit, but leave apart being democratic we don’t even qualify as humane.

The country has lost numerous lives, young minds or maybe the nurturing buds, due to delays in reaching the hospital and the major contributors to the same are overcrowded streets, lack of transportation, deteriorated infrastructure and then rallies and VIP movements acts as a cherry on the cake, to the entire faulty situation.

22nd august, 2018 was one of the dark days of the nation, we lost an innocent seven- month old child as a by-product sheer negligence and flawed administration. An ambulance was stuck in the Congress rally in Haryana, resulting in delay to reach the hospital and consequent death, and the minister shamelessly justifies his stance by saying that it wasn’t the rally that killed him but the hospital’s mal functioning. However, my question to the nation is, till what time will a common man fall prey to this hideous blame game of the administration and when would tragedies like this come to an end. Yes, we didn’t lose a big shot or a celebrity but I think it is still a situation of national mourning because we certainly lost a to-be-celebrity, or maybe a future scientist, astronaut or a doctor

Every month dozens of people lose their lives in road accidents and moreover, with inadequate ambulance services. ‘SANJEEVNI 108’ the initiative started by the government for the speedy medical services has faced problems in its implementation in reaching out to the people due to heavy traffic and improper roads. Constant traffic jams and busy roads had put the lives of common men in peril and it is high time that the government looked into the matter with more gravity.

It is one of the marvelous strategies of WHO, under which all the countries are required to provide aid to all the victims of the road mishaps and heart patients and ensure their arrival to the hospital with an hour, as it increases the chances of survival by 70 to 80 percent. However, it has not been able to achieve success due to the negligent attitude of the general masses, who do not clear the way for the ambulances and rallies and protests just add to the prevailing menace.

The aforementioned case is a warning to the entire nation, that we face the reality, value lives over any rule or protocol, a harsh meeting with the truth; where equality is well established in the constitution of the country but is hardly seen on the ground reality.

It is quite unfortunate to state that the government has miserably failed in monitoring and effective policies to control the traffic or look for a way for ambulance services, only some states like Karnataka has drawn its attention toward this grave issue, however, that was only after it faced quite a lot of causalities, one after the other. Only after the government had to face the raged masses over the loss of a 12-year-old girl who lost her life due to the delay in reaching the hospital as it took 2 hours to cover the stretch of 15km in the developed city, Bangalore.

There are no explicit laws stating that the ambulances must be given way on a priority base, or an effective framework to ensure the same.

The constant question that arises is after all ‘when’ and ‘which’ tragedy would be the curtain raiser, the last on count and the last to occur due to traffic and negligence. When would the country realize the value of a life and when would we be sensitive enough to understand that someday we can be the one in that dreadful situation, desperately praying for some time to save the life of our loved ones, or might be one of those who are scarred forever, due to the loss of their loved ones in traffic jams.

Comments and the views of general public over the same would be much appreciated, kindly leave your comments in the comment section below and join hands with us to sensitize the country.

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