After five years , French diplomat Mazurier, gets justice from Bengaluru court

The nearly five-year-long trial of the former French diplomat Pascal Mazurier ended when Bengaluru’s session court, on Wednesday, cleared him of the blame and declared that his wife had planned to frame him to restrain him from leaving India. His wife, Suja Jones had complained in June 2012 that her husband had raped their minor daughter.

Mr. Mazurier was arrested in 2012 and held in Parapanna Agrahara jail for three days. He was granted bail after paying a sum 100,000 rupees to the authorities.

“..It is a case wherein Suja Jones, wife of Pascal, intentionally with the help of NGOs and doctors has made the accused as a scapegoat in order to restrain him from going out of India. The conduct of Suja Jones itself shows that her intention was not to take care of the child or the husband, but to connect her husband with the crime. She went to the extent of using the child as a weapon,” said Judge B.S. Rekha, in the judgment which runs up to 120 pages.

Pascal Mazurier

The verdict was declared by a special fast track Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POSCO) court. There were 27 witnesses during the long course of the trial.

The daughter has informed the investigating officer about her father’s good behavior towards her and that she loved him. Mazurier’s car driver and the maid working in his house have spoken in a positive light about his behavior as well.

“In this case, it is undisputed that because of the behavior of Suja, the accused was not willing to continue the marital relationship and he wanted to take a divorce and custody of the children. Further, he was transferred to Cape Town, South Africa,” the judge said.

Mazurier will be handed back his personal passport as well as his service passport after the expiry of the appeal period, as ordered by the Judge.

“They are still young and they need to get the advice of their father. It is nowhere in my plans to abandon my children. I love them and they love me. What has been done by their mother is not their fault. So, I want to be there for them,” Mazurier told the BBC in regard to his children.

His wife, Suja Jones Mazurier plans to appeal against the verdict.

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