An organic way out: Natural Vegan Toothpaste!

One can avail the chemical and toxin-free toothpaste, the Naturally Vegan way! The toothpaste aims to provide oral hygiene. The WITH MY Natural Vegan Toothpaste aids children’s education in rural Cambodia, Asia. For every toothpaste purchased it contributes to the development of a school. Residents in rural Cambodia are delighted with this initiative. The money is annually collected and distributed towards recruitment of teachers, the building of a sewage system and provision of clean drinking water. The WITH MY Natural Vegan is promising dual fulfiller, one is social commitment the other a natural solution. The Eco-Certified Toothpaste is made up of 26 ingredients. The toothpaste does not compromise on money or pressure to be known in the market. It contains no paraben, SLS, Saccharin, Micro bead, artificial colors, flavours, scents, fluoride, glycerine and PEG. Every bit of it, from the manufacturing to the packaging is eco-friendly. The PETA registered cruelty-free vegan company partners with Doosung Eco-friendly Paper. The aim is to spread the message of being mindful and tasteful using daily essentials that change lives for the better.  With every purchased toothpaste, 10 bricks are sent towards building a Kindergarten. We cannot ignore and leave an entire generation of Cambodian children to remain illiterate. Let’s be the source of light in the darkness!Spread the word, act immediately.

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