Has all the angles of the Kerala floods been brought into picture- whether its funds that is a problem or its misappropriation

Has all the angles of the Kerala floods been brought into picture- whether its funds that is a problem or its misappropriation

Kerala floods- a majorly contested agenda, center of all the debates, quite complex and chaotic paving way to a wild spree of blame games, where every concerned authority is making a desperate attempt to chide away from the question of ‘who caused it?’, ‘who is responsible for it?’

However, my question to the world at large is, how many of us bothered to question ‘what had caused it?’, ‘how can we avoid it in future?’ or maybe aimed to look for a solution with explicit sincerity. It is always easier to complain about something, but really difficult to change it.

The trends seem to be changing this time, as it has been observed that the attitude of the nation towards this mis happening is quite different than the usual. The citizens of the country have been really empathetic towards it and have offered large chunks of donations and relief help, in order to ensure that Kerala recovers from their sufferings soon.

Donations: Kerala has been quite fortunate to receive extending arms from all over the world, with every individual and sectors contributing their bit to it. Apart from the hundred crore rupees donation declared by the Home Minister of the country, our Prime Minister asserted to donate another five hundred crores to the cause.

Every state, irrespective of their economic conditions have generously contributed to the relief operations. The Chief Minister of Delhi announced an aid of ten crores, along with the promise of all the MLA and MPs to donate one month’s salary for the same. Many other states followed their footsteps and announced to donate funds, with Bihar donating a sum of ten crores, Odisha donating five crores and so on and so forth.

Unity in diversity: The reason behind highlighting the donations is that the masses must also get a view of the other side of the coin, where the government is not always at fault, where the citizens unite for the sake of humanity, where all the political tensions take a backseat, making the relief drive their priority.

The large number of NGOs and individual initiatives that have geared up to help the victims, substantiates the existence of the ‘we’ feeling in the crowd, symbolizes unity and pontificates the power of technology and social media.

Acknowledgement of funds and help: It is unfortunate to say that, somewhere the appreciation and acknowledgement of all the help and initiatives is found lacking and notions of trivialization of the amount of donations made, is being observed.

One thing that I would like to point out is, reprimanding and trivializing the amount of donations, through derogatory comments on social media, can only make the situation worse and the criterion to judge such donations should be through keeping the economic status into consideration.

Lack of infrastructure: The government must realize the dire need to develop proper infrastructure, including the construction of strong damns, provisions to stop the water from pouring into the cities and use the donations made in a constructive manner.

Precaution is always better than cure’ though quite cliché, yet true in its essence, it is always a wise man’s move to avoid a mis happening or at least be prepared for the worst comings, in order to facilitate the smooth functioning of the society.

Misappropriation of funds: The question here arises that whether it is the funds that are lacking or its implementation at the right places. Misappropriation of funds is a very common phenomenon to be observed during all such times. As aforementioned we can clearly infer that, its not the funds that are scarce but its implementation in the constructive manner.

If the funds are adequately used for evacuation of the victims stuck in flood affected areas, establishment of proper relief camps, providing grants, building the infrastructure for handling the situation, I am sure it would be proved that we as a nation have succeeded to do a great job in uniting and providing relief to the victims.

Final thoughts: According to me, in all hard time situations like that of Kerala, we must unite to find a solution to the problem and propagate self-interest propagandas, because that only catalyzes the atrocities. It is not always necessary to blame the government of every tragedy and some things must be accepted as the act of gods, which are beyond the human control.

It is high time that the distinctions between the south and the north India became blurry and the started identifying themselves as a single entity, in order to foster growth and development in India.

Lastly, I would like to ask What do you think is going wrong in this Kerala evacuation drive? I am looking forward for your views on the situation, how far do you think that our India is united? Whether the blame game is an escape for the politicians to chide away from their wrongs? What implementations would you like to see in the state?

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