ANIMALS PLEA : Have as much right to live as humans.

“Indulgence in animal killing for the taste of tongue is the grossest kind of ignorance” – Srila Prabhupada

In India, the Central banned the sale of animals for slaughter and so a ‘beef fest’ in Kerala was organised to protest against this ban.  An 18-month-old Calf was butchered in an open vehicle and its meat was distributed for free. This unpleasant act was committed in front of a huge crowd in Kannur. The act of killing an innocent animal just for the sake of voicing their opinion, in my opinion, is not humane. That poor little harmless animal was humiliated in front of hundreds.

People can be so barbaric as to harm a living creature who can’t even speak for itself. Why is it that we tend to forget that animals are living creatures just like humans and they have as much right to live as humans do? Simply because we are at the top of the food chain does not give us the right to exploit their lives. I believe that in order to understand whenever we think of doing something that interferes with the lives or needs of animals, we are obligated to consider them creatures who breathe, eat, feel pain and also have a life.

In fact, why just this? Hundreds and thousands of animals are cruelly killed on an everyday basis all over the world. Why is nobody worried about them? I believe all life is precious.It is such a big deal in the society when a man/ woman is murdered but it is not when uncountable animals are killed on a daily basis.

It was not okay when cannibalism existed because humans were being killed but it is okay if animals are being killed for various purposes. What is the difference? Living beings were being killed even then and living beings are being killed even now. Then why is this not wrong? When looking from the perspective of the animal and animal lovers, engaging in excessive cruelty is a violation of their rights.

It is high time that we understand that each and every being who breathes, eats, loves and care has an equal right to live on this planet.This earth and this nature are theirs as much as it is ours and we have no right to take it away from them. I think we could all be a speechless animal’s voice. People need to start voicing their opinions in order to acquire a safe and peaceful living and not just for us but for all living creatures that exist on planet earth.

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