Announcing Google Pay: The new app set to Dethrone Android Pay

Just like its messaging apps, the mobile payment platform of Google has undergone numerous renovations. Finally, Google is wrapping up its transition to “Google Pay”, the platform which will assimilate both Google Wallet and Android Pay. A shiny new app will be accompanying the new branding.

The start of Google Pay can be traced all the way back to 2011 and the Nexus S 4G on Sprint. Gone are the days when carrier support was compulsory for NFC payments, but there were not a lot of stores who would accept them. Android Pay, Google’s next attempt, was launched in 2015. With the help of Android Pay, the bank’s support for the platform did not have to involve carriers anymore. The process took some time, but most banks have co-operated.

The execution was not the primary issue with Android Pay, the name was. Google wanted to present Android Pay as an online checkout option, but in that specific context calling it Android Pay makes it pointless. A few weeks ago the Google Pay promotions started coming into view on the web. Google is now all set to rollout an updated app to altogether disqualify the Android Pay branding.

While trying the new Google Pay app on an Android phone for the first time, a lot of changes can be spotted along with the name. The interface has been divided into two tabs. The Home tab provides the user with his/her main payment card above a scrollable list of tiles which registers nearby outlets with NFC payments and recent transactions. It also shows suited loyalty cards and offers based on location, if that access is allowed. The Cards tab shows the user credit and debit cards and loyalty cards.

The Google Wallet app deserves more attention as well. The Google Wallet was used after Android Pay only to send cash to others. The Wallet app will become Google Pay Send, while the functions of it will remain mostly unaltered.

A simple API is all that’s needed by interested developers and websites who intend to support Google Pay. According to Google, the setup process is undemanding as it will not be processing the payments itself. Google will just pass along a virtual card number to the retailer and the charges will appear on the user’s statement. Google Pay is compatible with Lyft, Airbnb, and more. The mobile payments can be done in any store that has the system to support NFC on the payment terminal.

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