Anonymously clicking picture of a girl a policeman was escorted towards jail

Sometimes certain examples are set not because the moments wants it but to make sure such kind of  activity do not take place in future further. Such kind of incident took place In Jammu and Kashmir’s Ganderbal area. A Policeman has been beaten and arrested by a frenzied mob for allegedly clicking picture of a woman while she was standing at Manigam Bypass; one girl gave the statement at police station that her pictures were allegedly clicked by a cop. To this, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) of Ganderbal has come up in his statement that FIR has been registered against that cop, and strict actions will be taken against him. In a country where people are becoming constantly aware of their surrounding and have actually started to act, it becomes difficult to decide whether one should wait and analyze the depth of the situation or should act immediately to their first thought of capturing the situation.

One might go wrong with the decision they decide to walk on ‘on their first thought, and things might take years to come to a conclusion with too many examinations. There is no one way to what could be right towards a situation which has not been proven yet! Yeah, you heard me right, what exactly happened is still not clear, and this picture could have a completely different story, but the response from public has already voiced such claptrap won’t be left masked anymore.

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