Arnab goswami, voice of India, the man who is loathed as much as loved but never ignored.

Arnab Goswami who is projected as an epitome of honest journalism who believes that journalism should be a force for change and not a submissive element in the scheme of things. Oxford University alumni, Goswami is known as a crusader more than a journalist who has changed the dimensions of Indian media. He started his career with The Telegraph and soon shifted to NDTV, as the editor. Ranked forty-sixth in “High and mighty power list” ahead of Arvind Kejriwal, he has always been involved in controversies and has been admired and criticised.

Over 10 years on Times Now, Goswami presided over nightly debates that were shouting matches on which he egged on, berated and placated his dozen panelists every night 9 PM, where he enjoyed a loyal fan base. He changed the face of Indian news channels from BBC line avatar to the confrontational, argumentative and assaultive version as it is now. When he left times now, it brought a shock wave, as it was unacceptable to the public to lose such an eminent journalist. But his News channel Republic TV caught everyone’s eye and attracted many controversies, which got into scraps even before its broadcast. He dealt with major allegations where he was questioned about the funding of Republic TV by MP’s Rajeev Chandershakher whose closeness to BJP militants would have the independent character of the channel at stake. Overcoming the controversies Republic TV has been revealing scams to the Public. Goswami exclaims that “Republic TV signifies for the people, undiluted and direct to the hearts of our people. If we are true, I know you will not let down my faith in you. He thinks media is caught in its own caste system where people’s issues come last. Such people are a blessing for the country that try to give a true and fair picture and choose to serve the society, keeping their own interest at stake.

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