Arun Prakash: The man who decode computer codes


“I never had that element of fear in my life.”

Only if you dare to go forward, you would know how far you can go in your life. The destiny may seem like a mirage unless you start moving. The risks you take, define how courageous you are. Never be afraid to make mistakes in life. Each and every day out dream yourself. To learn from your mistakes is more important than celebrating success. We have one such maverick here with us, who made technical learning as easy as duck soup. Founder of GUVI (‘Grab Your Vernacular Identity’ as it stands for) Mr. Arun Prakash is now going to take us down the lane of nostalgia.

Arun Prakash, GUVI Founder

A guy, from a local town of Tamil Nadu, who wanted to rule the gravity world by becoming a physicist, was put up in an engineering college by his parents against his wish, as they wanted him to be down to earth person always. In spite of having no exposure to computers in the past Arun had no ants in his pants and was in fact excited to learn new things. The first thing he ever typed was his name with the first letter in caps for which he had to seek his friend’s help. The letters were capitalized only when his friend typed them, but they did not, when Arun’s turn came up. It took him 3-months to learn the trick to use the shift key to type the letters in upper case. This was how it all started. The GUVI guy spent sleepless nights in browsing center to learn more about computers which made him outsmart the other students in the college. Years went by, his talent grew alongside him.

Everyone will have a magical turning point in their lives. One such turning point hit Arun’s life. After 10-years of graduation, the virus-free man was invited for an alumni meet in his college. When he visited, to his surprise apart from the infrastructure nothing had changed. His juniors faced the same difficulties in learning computer coding programs that he had faced. He desperately wanted to give back something to his college which gave him a life. He decided to take the risk of his life, as he resigned his job at PayPal and started GUVI. They started posting tutorial videos on YouTube that attracted viewers from all over the world.

“There’s always a woman behind every man’s success.”

GUVI Founders (from left) Arun Prakash, Sridevi and SP Balamurugan

His wife, being a techie too, took care of the family when Arun was trying to establish GUVI among other similar ventures. Later, she too resigned her job to become the treasurer of their company along with a friend of Arun, who resigned his job too to join hands with the couple. Though they had faced difficult times, which made Arun to even think about shutting down the company, he never gave up. After receiving huge response from the students’ end, GUVI had the guts to move ahead. Now they have enough revenue to run their company successfully in the coming years. A victory is always a moment to cherish. GUVI was called by Anna University for a teaching program where they had to teach more than 1000 faculties from all over the Tamil Nadu, which they consider as their biggest victory till date.

He created an identity for himself through learning and teaching which are considered as his two eyes. We all fall down in our lives. But we have to make sure that each fall must be from a higher place than the previous fall. GUVI is planning to establish itself as a launch pad for anyone to teach anything in the future. GUVI aren’t just programmers, they are the IGNITERS of the future.

“One day, the whole world will be using GUVI, not just to learn computer but to learn life.”


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