Social media and the trends that are all over the internet are extremely appealing and draws all our attention to it. Have you ever stopped and wondered how dangerous or life threatening can it be at times? Also, are we so gullible that we get carried away by random games or social media dares just because it is what everyone is doing? The teens these days are so blinded that they are easily tricked into attempting such horrible internet craze.

It has not been long since the internet was obsessed by this super craze for the game “Pokémon Go”. Many children, teens and even adult who were hooked to this game lost their lives playing it. Now to speak about revealing a serious life taking challenge, called “The Blue Whale Challenge”. This challenge allegedly consists of a series of tasks assigned to the players by the administrators per day which involves self-mutilation and the ultimate task being suicide. Many cases around the world that have been reported are of teens taking up this challenge and resorting to death. Suicide reports have been claimed in countries like Russia, Italy, China, United States and many other countries. In India, the death of children in the age group of 14-16 years has been accounted from Kerala, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and many other regions. The families of the affected say that some of them were aware of their children performing this challenge while the others were ignorant. It has been brought to notice that the children who were susceptible, vulnerable and depressed constituted most of the players.

Such incidents reveal the lack of attention parents have towards their children. It is very important for the parents to look for and communicate with their children. Knowing and understanding the child’s need will make them a less vulnerable to such vicious game. Social media indeed has a profound impact on the youth these days, but it also important for users to tailor the use of these resources in a positive way and not be misled. Being aware and alert towards these fatal challenges is a responsibility of oneself and the parents. It is very important for the parents to be aware of the whereabouts and inclination of kids to prevent such events and stop encouraging the people taking advantage of the platform.

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