Breastfeeding decorum in public: Dos and Don’ts

Breastfeeding decorum in public: Dos and Don'ts

How does it feel to bring another life to the world? Can you imagine? I know! It’s the greatest feeling ever.

Recent moms are new to this, but old and experienced moms – you already know the deal. We do our best to take care of our little ones at every step of their way including, catering to their most basic of needs, even in public, for that matter.

Hear me out:
How knowledgeable are you about taking care of your baby? Did you skip some of the parenting classes? Did you barely skim through the parenting guide you bought from eBay?

No worries, we have prepared an easy step-by-step guidelines that will transform you into a breastfeeding expert in less than 5 minutes.

So, let’s begin with the Do’s:

1. Breastfeed as Often as Possible
The baby needs to be breastfed every one hour after birth. Newborn babies experience quick hunger pangs, thus, you must feed them every two hours, but how do you figure out their feeding habits?

Usually, babies will show pretty obvious signs of hunger, for example, they will either suck on their fingers or start crying. You can confirm whether they are hungry by placing your thumb on their lips, if they start sucking it, you automatically know that they are hungry.

However, figuring out feeding habits of premature or autistic babies ma be a little difficult. Slowly but surely, you will figure it out.

2. Best Position
You should find the best position for your body when feeding your young one.Why?

The duration of feeding time depends on your baby’s appetite.  So try finding a relaxing posture during this time.

Make sure the baby is positioned right and is not in pain. Feeding in awkward positions can hurt both of you.

3. A Well Balanced Diet
I cannot stress enough on this. It’s important for breastfeeding mothers to be physically and mentally healthy.
The baby is affected by what you consume on a daily basis, if you consume caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, processed food, artificial food, spicy food, the baby will too suffer its repercussions.

Do you want your baby to be consuming these toxic substances too? I’m sure not.

The best thing you can do is try and maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Lean meats, leafy greens, gluten-free products, dairy and lots of fresh liquids are a good idea.

4. Make Sure They Are Full
Isn’t it exhausting to suddenly find your baby crying when you have just fed them? Isn’t it confusing and annoying?

There could be various reasons for this. But most likely, the baby is not full from the last feed.

In order to rectify this, try feeding your baby from both breasts. Once you feel that he or she had enough of one breast, (you will know that from its size because it will shrink), you have to switch to the other breast. This way you can ensure they are full and content and satisfied.

5. Maintain Hygiene

Just like a proper balanced diet, moms and babies both need to maintain a certain level of hygiene during breastfeeding. You must clean your hands and your breasts after feeding.

It is advisable to get the babies to wear a fresh new diaper before feeding so that they are comfortable during the whole process. Imagine wearing wet pants while having dinner. Ew, right?

You must change at least six diapers every day in the first eight weeks.

6. Use a Nursing Cover
Nursing covers  are essential as it gives you and your child the much-needed privacy while breastfeeding in the public. Imagine you are in the Disney Land and your baby starts to cry of hunger. All you have to do is find a comfortable, private place and unleash the convenience of the nursing cover.

This cover will give your baby warmth (if it’s cold outside), some shade from the sun, and gives you a piece of mind as you won’t be sued for indecent behavior.

Now let’s discuss the Don’ts:


1. Never Delay Feeding
Let’s be honest, how will you feel if your mom delayed lunch? Or dinner?Or anything? Angry;Disappointed.

Your baby may not be able to mouth his feelings but they will express their disappointment in more than one way. They will either be moody throughout or will cry their lungs out. Thus, please do not delay the feeding time.

2. Don’t Use Chemicals
Since you are constantly feeding, don’t wash your breast with soap as you don’t want your baby to be consuming those chemicals.

Instead, it will perfectly be fine to wash your breasts with water. Try not to use moisturizers as well.

3. Don’t Ignore Your Mood
If you are feeling down and agitated, don’t feed your child instantly. Take some time to re-balance yourself, then feed.

Your child is very sensitive to your emotions. Your bad mood may affect theirs too. However, if you are in physical pain, consult a doctor. Breastfeeding moms cannot take certain medications, thus, it’s best not to prescribe medicines to yourself.

4. Don’t Get Frustrated
Breastfeeding is exhausting. No lies. Sometimes you feel like your child has had enough and it is time to give them solids.

Don’t do that until they are ready. Don’t forget to consider the importance of the essential nutrients that your child only receives through your breast milk. It’s crucial to breastfeed them, at least for a year.

5. Don’t Get Angry
This is a funny one. Have you read about moms being reprimanded by people who disliked seeing them feed their babies in public? They obviously got angry.

You don’t have to follow their footsteps. You can either use a nursing cover or find a secluded place in the bathroom or the changing room to feed your young.

If you still get angry remarks from onlookers, don’t lose your calm. Your baby is your priority, not them. Be quiet. Satiate the baby’s hunger, and then just move on.

Final Thoughts…
Last but not the least, although cliché, but love your babies.  It is a tough full-time job to be a mom, especially during the first year. But stay strong.

There are countless people who wish they were blessed with children. Breastfeeding is a beautiful, personal experience shared only between a mom and her child. Consider yourself lucky to be able to do this.

Take it from all the moms all over the over the world. Nobody regrets going through this.

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