Bringing Bibliophiles together-How an innovative idea morphed into a knowledge sharing hub.

From the very young age, Trushna Yagnik was a voracious reader and nurtured a passion for reading. In her social circle, however, her friends did not this passion. Her friends and other acquaintances were unwilling to accompany her to pay a visit to the library. She could not find any company with whom she could discuss books or reading. So she narrated the contents of short stories in various books to her friends and family members. On doing it for quite a few years people started approaching her for explanations on various books that she had read. She then thought of doing this professionally and this idea of hers gave birth to The Urban Leaders.

Initially, she started this venture on a small scale within the limits of the city of Surat. However, on receiving success of her beta model testing she has expanded to Ahmedabad as well.

Her greatest inspiration is her brother. Being a scholar kid from the very early age he always used to have knowledge about everything. Trushna would always find him reading the daily newspaper or a magazine rather than spending time with toys or television. Her brother is her backbone and her source of courage. Apart from him, Sir Steve Jobs is the biggest source of Inspiration for her.

Currently, The Urban leader works as human capability development center working for Faculty Development Training for many national institutions and corporate trainer for reputed MNCs in the state. They look forward to expanding to other states like Maharashtra (Pune & Mumbai) in next few years. Down the line, in the next 5 years, they hope to see themselves as pioneers of the Reading Revolution in the era of digitalisation

The company is currently pursuing a noble objective by creating an application which can be can installed in slum schools and SMC amenities through which all the kids could have equal access to the benefits of reading and research.

In the process of the inception of the company and in the process of its growth Trushna had to go through a lot of ups and downs. She claims that she cultivates optimism and encounters situations with a positive attitude. She always saw all the challenges and difficulties and an opportunity. She says that her life is full of beautiful moments. One such moment was when like when her idea was being felicitated among top 5 innovative ideas to bring social revolution at Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2017. Furthermore, she also interviewed for the category of the most innovative female entrepreneur by entrepreneur network India.

In order to be a successful entrepreneur, she says, that the most important thing is the clarity of the goal. She also claims that it is necessary for a budding entrepreneur to have an insight on the path she/he is paving for herself through the startup idea. When we see successful companies that were started from scratch like Apple and windows, which are now multibillion-dollar companies, we are instinctively reminded of the founders namely Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Using the lives of this entrepreneur as inspiration, The budding entrepreneur must craft out his goals very careful and strive to the fullest in order to accomplish them so that when someone. The aim is to try and try till you reach that goal that you’ve set for yourself.

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