Burgeon- Every entrepreneur’s companion. A report of an interaction with visionary Roma Priya who made Burgeon possible

India is home to one of the highest number of startups in the world making it a haven for budding entrepreneurs. As more and more people started paying heed to their calling and pursue their passion by quitting their day jobs to become entrepreneurs, Roma Priya saw their growing success as an opportunity to start something of her own. She quit her day job to start a new company Burgeon which renders necessary services and support to upcoming businesses and startups. Here are a few insights from my telephonic interview with Roma, the founder of Burgeon in which we discussed her company Burgeon, the services it renders and her experience at Burgeon.

Having worked with several entrepreneurs for over a long period of time, Roma nurtured the experience she obtained and her training in corporate law to create an all in one solution centre to support upcoming and existing businesses. Hailing from a family of lawyers, her family members had a huge influence on her choice of career and law came as a natural choice to Roma. Though most of her family members specialise in litigation, Roma chose a slightly different path and became the first person in her family to specialise in corporate law. She then used her experience in working with different business models to come up with her own innovative startup. Burgeon aims at providing complete support to startups right at an early stage. They are cost effective and companies can hire them at or before inception. Burgeon’s objectives and roles include managing the registration process for emerging companies, helping with the inception, the fundraising , associating contacts with possible investors, managing compliances as well as the incorporating the structure to the company. Burgeon accompanies the company as it grows to render constant support throughout. It focuses on the holistic development of the company and concentrates on the investments, the structure and the contracts. It serves as being the range of intellectual property of the startup.

Roma Priya, legal advisor and founder, Burgeon

Roma’s team at Burgeon is unique as it comprises of an all women team. When asked if it was a conscious decision on her part to assemble women for this venture, Roma stated that the decision was unconscious. The current ratio of men to women is more in the favour of men with very few women entrepreneurs in the scenario. Roma firmly believes that if one has the passion and strives to work toward the goals they set, gender is not an issue in the startup ecosystem. In her dealings, she states that any of her clients and associates were mostly men. When assembling a team or when looking for people to appoint to for her company, she prefers to hire deserving and talented individuals overlooking their gender. Also, most of her clients are referred to her through recommendations.

Roma feels that professionally and at a personal level her time with Burgeon has been an enriching experience. She claims that she has acquired a lot of knowledge as she watches companies as they attempt to overcome hurdles in their growth process. The startups she works with provides her with new insights, perspectives and unconventional ideas. With every project, she has something new to learn and gain. Overall the entire experience she has had in Burgeon helped in broadening her horizons like never before.

Her aspiration for the future of Burgeon is to create a trustworthy brand for the entrepreneurs in the market in the coming years. It strives to provide an umbrella of services to the startup, all under a single platform. She is also planning on conducting free sessions and open house discussions where budding entrepreneurs can get together and discuss their concerns with leading experts in the field.

All in all, Roma sees a great future for the startup ecosystem and businesses in India. She says that the government has planted the seed for the support of startups and over the years one is sure to see radicle changes in the startup ecosystem as it thrives. She says that there lies a promising future for budding entrepreneurs in India thanks to government’s recognition of startups by providing special schemes namely tax exemptions, ease of registrations and compatibility. The startup ecosystem continues to prosper in India as they continue to generate new ideas, evolve, innovate and lure foreign investors.

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