CCD female employee slaps customer on pointing out cockroaches in the fridge

An incident at of the most popular coffee shops Cafe Coffee Day has added to the unfortunate basket of women abusing their power as a gender and men being the victim in a situation where they were at no fault whatsoever.

Arpan Verma, visited and ordered Green Apple Soda at the CCD outlet at Hawamahal, Jaipur with his friends when he noticed cockroaches and other bugs in their fridge. He pointed out to the staff about this state of food that is available to the public, but the staff didn’t acknowledge the sheer seriousness of the situation and continued to serve the same food to other customers, covering the portion which was infested with cockroaches and bugs by menu cards. The employees soon got agitated when Arpan pointed out the outrageous state of food to the other customers. He was then verbally abused by the employees and asked to leave. One of the female employees started making his video. He himself started recording the cockroaches and the food in the fridge, also including the female employee in the video with the correct intention of making sure that everyone knew what is really happening when she came forward and slapped him because he was capturing her on video. Instead of the staff apologizing to Arpan, they harassed and abused him. He took to twitter to upload the video.

This incidence highlights an act of taking advantage of being a woman. The customer has every right to be served good quality products and to point out if there are insects present in the food that everybody is being served. If in this incidence, a man would have slapped a woman under similar circumstances, female support groups would have come forward putting the video on every social media platform. This is yet another incidence when cruelty against men has been raised. There are multiple laws and rights for women which undoubtedly are needed, but they are also needed for men. The rights of men as a gender are completely being ignored in our country.

What India desperately needs is a new non-biased perspective about such situations, new policies for men, revision of old policies and the general awareness that men too are targeted. And most importantly and urgently, the CCD staff of Hawamahal needs to apologize to Arpan and be fired with immediate effect. Police should also take appropriate action against the female employee.

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