Changing things from an individual level

The year is 2017. India has progressed manifolds. Undoubtedly, there is advanced infrastructure, better lifestyle, access to efficient services and various opportunities. I would definitely want my country to develop more, reach its maximum potential and continue to achieve the very best. Our nation has leveled up but what has our contribution to it been? We depend on, and expect ‘others’, to take care of that. Be it the nation’s rulers or ‘people who are responsible’ for the upliftment. I don’t mean to generalize; there are numerous youngsters who are doing their bit by participating in helping the country. But what about the rest of us? We cannot go on complaining about various issues that we face but do nothing about them, and just expect them to be taken care of, all by themselves.

The nation might be developing on bigger, international fronts; but what about the everyday concerns that are often overlooked? And most importantly, these issues are within the reach of common man. We together can tackle them. This is what I think can be done, by each of us, on an individual level-

Not be a part of corruption
The root cause of why India is still a ‘developing’ nation is corruption. As a good citizen, we can stop giving and taking bribes on small and big levels for getting our work done. No more paying the traffic policeman off to avoid a challan. It might be difficult and inconvenient at first but will make a great difference.

The most important duty of a citizen is to vote. Every time there are elections, people are urged to come out and get inked. Unfortunately, a large number of people don’t. It is crucial that we utilize our right and vote for our government.

Start respecting our environment, and make sure our actions speak for it
The Government’s cleanliness drive started with a lot of enthusiasm. It was, however, the job of the common man to keep it going. It does not necessarily mean to start sweeping roads. We can definitely stop littering, spitting and urinating in public areas, and definitely stop using polythene bags. We can start carpooling to save fuel and control air pollution, as well as traffic on roads! Even if one house plants one tree, it will be a huge contribution to the environment. Children should be taught about being

Introspect ourselves.considerate towards mother nature
Are we a good human? Are we helpful? Everyone should ask themselves if they do anything which is wrong or bad and try to improvise. Harming someone or committing crimes will never bring anything good. Every human has an equal right to live with dignity, let’s not rob them of it. Respect should be given to men and women alike. Women should not be objectified and men should not be generalized. There are numerous cases of animal cruelty and equal respect should be given to them.

Let’s educate
There are various NGOs where we can sponsor education and even meals of a child. Every paisa given to a child for his/her education is more worth than anything else that can be purchased in this world. One more kid educated is one more brain given the right direction in life. Education is not only giving exams but also showing how life can be utilized to improve oneself and ultimately the country.

Respect every profession
It is a sad truth that we look down upon people who work in our houses, cobblers, drivers, electricians, carpenters, shopkeepers etc. A businessman does not deserve more respect than an electrician on the mere basis of money and status. Only if we respect each other equally will our mentality change and we will rise above such small segregations.

Be a good citizen
Rushing to reach our destination and breaking traffic rules, not paying taxes, not taking or giving bills are a few things that we do in our everyday life. We already know its wrong and ceasing to do them will help India climb various steps ahead.Be a good citizen

Use renewable resources, preserve electricity, save water, don’t pollute, use CNG- these are things we have been studying since our school days. Mostly forgotten, these crucial steps are not followed. Let’s not wait to find out about the consequences the hard way and start acting upon them soon!

I am sure there is more to do. Improvisations can be done in every field, every day, continuously and by all. The will and the act just have to begin.

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