Check out these 5 Startups bringing together the best of technology and sensibility

With Narendra Modi’s Make in India initiatives, the roll down on different kinds of barriers to Foreign Direct Investments, India’s budding and existing entrepreneurs received quite a boost! But at the end of the line with world class services reaching Indian doorsteps after what felt like eons, it was the consumers who rejoiced. Financial services or entertaining ones, each and every sector received the benefits of Make in India. Minds of entrepreneurs, once clogged by fears of every other kind- funding, feasibility, market support, and so on, opened up to produce quite a few really innovative start-ups. 5 of the most innovative start-ups in Indian lifestyle sector are listed here, below.


                                                                                 Ajith Karimpana, Founder and CEO at Furlenco

Giving its customers the freedom to create and keep creating the freshest of memories without any baggage is Furlenco’s offering. It was begun by Mr Ajith Karimpana in 2013 based in Bangalore. Today, it provides a service of renting and exchanging furniture across 6 major cities of India!

Furlenco has quite a stern policy of delivering furniture within 72 hours of its ordering and shall assemble, as well as colour coordinate the ordered furniture. Not only these, the company gives its customers up to Rs.10, 000/- of warranty against damages along with a free relocation for every year of renting.

Furlenco’s easy policies make life really convenient for the hundreds and thousands of families who relocate frequently and students and youngsters who live as tenants in different cities.

Urban Clap

                                                     Varun Khaitan,Abhiraj Bhal and Raghav Chandra, Co-founders of Urban Clap

Urban Clap can be roughly translated to the time where the medieval Indians summoned their required services with a clap of their hands.

Similarly, Urban Clap gives its users access to thousands of professionals in a variety of fields. Making it easy to access a range of different kinds of services like carpentry, beauticians, masseuses and so on like on the clap of two hands. The app based startup also provides discounts from time to time.

Task Mitra

                                                   Gautam Gokhale and Ushma Khabaria, Co-founders of Task Mitra

Task Mitra is a start-up founded by Gautam Gokhale and Ushma Khabaria in 2013. It is a website which allows individuals to recruit individuals for carrying out all kinds of tasks. Built as mostly a solution for problems at the eleventh hour, Task Mitra connects recruiters with potential recruits for a variety of tasks like Jockeying for parties, Party decorators, hosts, stall managers, or even if you require legal assistance! The recruits could be professionals or youngsters looking to get some more pocket money, however ultimately tasks get completed securely.

Through all of this, the website asks for no commission or fee for using its portals.


                                                                             Sarvesh Agrawal, Founder and CEO at Internshala

Despite it not being a social networking website, Internshala remains an extremely popular website among all the students, irrespective of stream, course and age. Founded by Sarvesh Agarwal the website addressed the lack of opportunities for students to gain and seek internships and has 30,000 (and counting) organizations using it.

Internshala fills up the gaps between classroom education and practical ones. 1 million students use the portal as of right now, one of the first of its kind.


                                                                           John Paul, Founder of Maya with the team

Maya is an app-based start-up for women. In a society where discussing women’s sexual biology is regarded with a lot of hesitance, Maya helps create a community where women can freely share their concerns. Women here can talk under a garb of anonymity which helps lose reluctance.

Maya tracks women’s menstrual health too. It helps women keep track of any anomalies as well, during their periods. Doctors, experts use the platform and help diagnose confused women or redirect them elsewhere.

Hence, with much government backing and foreign investments, these start-ups are ensuring the best of facilities are now available to the Indians, by the Indians.

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