Check out these cool diet hacks that sure to induce weight loss

Weight loss isn’t easy. But the smallest weight loss tricks or mind hacks can make a big difference when it comes to sticking to your diet or weight loss plan. Here are tricks you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle today. Shedding those pounds is not that difficult as they look like.

HACK NUMBER 1: MEAL BEFORE MEAL: If you wish to achieve your goal weight, eat a bowl of veggies and fruits such as apple, pear, fruits with less sugar so that you will be fuller and you will eat less while you have your meal. This will reduce your appetite significantly.

HACK NUMBER 2: DRINK A LOT OF WATER: Water is essential for weight loss, it not only flushes all the intoxicants from the body, keeps our face clear but also having water before a meal reduces our appetite and reduce our calories intake.

HACK NUMBER 3: EAT A COFFEE SCATHE BEFORE WORKOUT: In our daily routine where going to office or college, we get tired of our daily routine and feel lethargic while we work out. So if we eat a small scathe of coffee before working out, it gives us a kick to work out and increase our level of energy by 20-30%.

HACK NUMBER 4:  HEALTHIER OPTIONS WHEN TRAVELLING OR OUT FOR A MEAL: When we are out travelling, we tend to increase weight. So we need to know what we should go for healthier options like subway or ordering dishes with maximum Veggies, Pita Pit. Nowadays there are startups which provide healthy customised meals in offices, etc especially in Gurgaon so where there is a will there is a way. Maybe next time you go to a Mughlai restaurant to dine in, you will order a spinach tofu instead of Dal Makhani.

HACK NUMBER 5: EATING EVERY TWO HOURS RULE: Some people believe that starving is there way to lose weight but it is the wrong to approach because if you starve for long hours you tend to eat more when you break your fast. So one should eat in every two hours like fruits, nuts such as almonds, salads, soy milk, egg whites, chicken breast, tofu, etc.

HACK NUMBER 6: EATING GOOD FATS: Sometimes we do not eat good fats because be follow the no fat diet but it’s a wrong approach, we should not miss out on the good fats, they actually help us lose weight. Some good fats for weight loss are Avocadoes, Chia and flax seeds, coconut, nuts, olive oil, Greek yoghurt, tuna, peanut butter, whole eggs, etc.

HACK NUMBER 7: EATING DARK CHOCOLATE FOR SWEET TOOTH: Sometimes dieters want to hog on to something sweet but fear to gain on those extra pounds so good news for them, they can eat dark chocolate but they should eat them in small quantity.

HACK NUMBER 8: MEASURING THE PORTIONS YOU EAT: One should always monitor a number of calories they intake, if you put small quantity on your plate then you will think twice before going for a refill, but even if you go for the second refill, it will not affect your calorie intake and your guilt may not allow you for the third one, It’s the dieter’s psychology, so you may keep off those extra pounds by keeping portions small.

HACK NUMBER 9: DOWNLOADING THE FITNESS PAL APP: After much research, we have discovered that fitness pal app has been successful in helping people to reduce their weight, by monitoring the per day calorie intake and telling calories in each meal you eat, you can monitor how many calories you will eat. It has been successful in helping people lose weight.

HACK NUMBER 10: EAT FRUITS INSTEAD OF FRUIT JUICE: Sometimes we feel that eating a fruit juice is a healthier option, but it is actually adding on to our calories and does not keep our belly fuller. A glass of orange juice has 80-90 calories per serving whereas an orange has about 20 calories, so one should eat an orange with fibre instead of juice.

HACK NUMBER 11: EATING CHEWING GUMS: Eating chewing gums especially during workout helps us to control sugar craving, keeping that jaw line in shape and keeps our belly fuller by fooling the brain.

These are some of the best hacks by our star dieters who spilt their beans for their successful weight loss. Keep subscribing Flairtales for some more weight loss techniques.

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