A Class X Girl Thrashed Mercilessly By The School Warden for Being a Lesbian, in Bengaluru.

A class X girl, student of a school  in Srirampura,Bengaluru, residing in the school hostel, has been beaten up mercilessly by the school warden after being accused of asking sexual favours from her roommates .

According  to the Police the girl was accused of being a lesbian and then was thrashed by the school warden, sister and later even by her roommates.A person who chose to remain anonymous has registered a complaint with the Children Welfare Committee and Special Juvenile Police Unit.

“My sister has not done anything, hostel warden and sisters are putting false allegations on my sister. She is a small kid , how can she ask for sexual favors to her friends? Just to cover up their mistakes, the hostel people are cooking up a story, saying my sister is a lesbian”, said the victim’s brother while speaking to Bengaluru Mirror.

He further added “This is not the first time she is getting thrashed. The sister and the warden have been torturing her for the last few months. She can’t even walk properly. We demand action against the sister and the warden who are responsible for this. The Child Welfare Committee and the police have shown support for us. We are ready to face any kind of inquiry regarding this matter”

Amidst all this, the school and the girl have denied all the allegations on their part. The girl even said that this behavior was not new to her, she had always been a loner in the campus and was often tortured for no reason.

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