Cockroaches found in a Subway outlet costs it its outlet.

Some of the pictures shared by Mr. Reddy on the social media platform.

A Subway outlet in Panjagutta, Hyderabad became subjected to a raid by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) after a complaint was filed by a city-based businessman, Maruganti Vamshikrishna Reddy, who had found four live cockroaches in a soft drink he had ordered.

Reddy, along with his daughter, had gone for shopping at the Central Mall on the 16th of May, 2018, when they visited the Subway outlet for having some refreshments. The daughter, while relishing on her soft drink, felt a weird sensation in her mouth, only to find a dead cockroach inside her moth. When Mr. Reddy checked the rest of the drink, he found four more live cockroaches inside it.

In order to question the outlet’s staff members, Mr. Reddy went inside the counter. This is when he got into an argument with one of the lady staff members, who was behaving rather casually, and wasn’t bothered to take responsibility of what had just happened. Moreover, the staff member was being rather rude and was seen yelling at Mr. Reddy, telling him to go out of the counter. She was also accusing him of misbehavior.

All this was filmed by Mr. Reddy, and uploaded on a social media platform, which then became extremely viral. He had uploaded several photos as well as a video displaying the encounters he had. The photos included some of the things on which Mr. Reddy found the cockroaches to be roaming on. In the video, apart from the behavior of the staff member, one can also note the cockroaches that were roaming all around in the outlet, raising the question of hygiene conditions in a ‘healthy food serving outlet’.

The GHMC conducted the raid one day after Mr. Reddy had filed the complaint. The food safety officials suspected that the staff members had cleaned the outlet before they arrived for inspection, but, they could still find cockroaches in the storage room.

According to reports, the officials had issued a show-cause notice under the GHMC Sanitation and Hygiene Act and had taken samples from the kitchen and sent it to the Food Safety Lab in Nacharam. A case was booked against the outlet for the unhygienic conditions that were observed and a notice for functioning under unhygienic conditions was served to the owner. The owner of the Subway franchise has lately conveyed to the authorities that they are shutting the outlet for a temporary period, during which the outlet will undergo both, pest control and renovation.

Since the reports from the Food Safety Lab aren’t back yet, and the owner of the franchise has conveyed a temporary shut-down, let us wait for what the result would be. Stay tuned to get the latest updates on this incident.

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