College Days: Times of fun and friendship, but responsibly. Here’s how!

What a beautiful and tingly feeling it is on your first day of college. The excitement, the nervousness, the butterflies in your stomach of making new friends, of finding some cute boys/girls, of having the best 3 or 4 years of your life. Now this list can also include feeling a bit, or maybe a tad more than a bit, home sick, if you move away from your hometown.  And thus, you embark upon this strange yet marvelous journey that will help you to decide your calling in the next few years. There is no denying the fact that there are gonna be times when it can get hard for you and you just need something or someone to get you through that phase. So mentioned down below are some pointers that will definitely help you to survive college, whether you are away from your parents and hometown or not:

1) Focus on the quality, not quantity- I totally understand if you have always had the dream of going to the college and making that time the most memorable one of your life. Bunking the classes, going on random road trips and what not. And it is totally justified and accepted to do that. And what fun would it be if you don’t have a big group of friends to do this all with. However, never get too carried away. It’s good to have a lot of people in your life, but always have those 2-3 friends whom you can trust and rely on with blind faith, who you know will always be there with you and for you whenever you need them.

2) Find that one professor- No doubt, the faculty of your department and your course can have quite an influence on your attitude towards that course. There are going to be some teachers that you like and agree with and there are going to be some that will just try their level best to make your life miserable in the college. Nevertheless, I suggest you to find that one professor- that one professor whom you think will be able to guide you the best for your future; that one professor who has an abundance of knowledge and experience that you can make the maximum use of; that one professor who is wise enough to take your opinions and judgments in consideration too. Believe me, after you do your graduation and your post graduation, this one professor will be your problem-solver, the person you can always go to with the surety of never being disappointed.

3) Make a statement- The most essential quality required to survive in college is ‘adaptability’. You need to adapt, to adjust yourself with different kinds of people and situations. And again I would say here, never get too carried away. No one was ever remembered in the history by just agreeing to what others had to say. And so if you want to leave a mark in your college, always have a stand and say what you genuinely feel about something.  It is never wrong to have your opinion on something, let it contradict from what others had to say, just back it up with good research and strong argumentative points.

4) Work on yourself- Have all the fun you want to in the college, but never at the cost of not being able to do what you had planned to improve yourself. Be a little selfish, say no to your friends sometimes for hangouts, take out time for yourself and do what you think will add to your resume or rather to your experience and knowledge. Work on your skills, work on your personality and work on all the other things you think require your attention at that point of time. You are never going to get this time back and once you are out of college, you will be pursuing your dreams and there will be no looking back from there.

Apart from these, obviously you know about all the other requirements that will make your life way too easier and simpler for you to survive in the college.

  • Find the perfect “Do Not Disturb” sign for your room to get away from the human interaction when you are just not in the mood.
  • Keep a good supply of all the munchies and snacks handy for all those sleepless nights for completing the assignments or just for a movie date with all your friends.
  • Become best friends with the ‘canteen waale bhaiya’ to save yourself from the food poisoning and get yourself some good quality good.
  • Have someone, even if it’s just a crush, to keep a check on your attendance. Isn’t it just better to maintain your attendance that way rather than begging to your teachers?

College is such a milestone in your life that you just wouldn’t want to do anything wrong. Don’t get too hard on yourself but also don’t take it too easy. Just find a right balance between the two and believe me, my friend, you are good to go!

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