Dear Bollywood, we need you to change and here’s why!

We have completed almost a century in cinematography. Since our childhood, we have been seeing those same cliché scripts being performed on the silver screen. The same hero-villain drama, cheezy love-stories, random dancing sequences is being constantly repeated in very movie. . The new generation of the audience feels that it is high time that Bollywood steps its game up! We won’t buy just anything that you sell. So, here are a few reasons why do we exactly want this change. Let’s take a look. Bracket- exceptions are there!

Lack of innovation

The foremost reason is the lack of innovation when it comes to stories or even casting. Everything is so monotonous that we find no good reason to spend our good earned money and go to the hall to watch something that has already been served to us a thousand times before.

Diversity? No!

Film-makers, please do some research. There are multiple genres available that we as an audience want to explore! Romance, horror and action are not the ends. Be a little experimental. Try new genres. Sci-fi, war documentary, docudrama, satire…there are so many options.  The hero falls in love with the heroine and their love story is in danger because of a maniac- this is not the only thing we want to see.

Acceptance by the audience

Every time experimental film releases, there are two kinds of reaction. There is a group of audience that supports it and is open to freshness in the cinema and there are other groups who want the same content over and over again. As an audience, it is our responsibility to broaden our views and appreciate the novelty.

Music dance anywhere and everywhere- like seriously?

We all need entertainment and it’s good. But, an overdose of entertainment is traumatising. Imagine, you are connecting with a scene, getting lost in it and thinking yourself being in that scene and boom! Suddenly everybody in that scene starts dancing to perfectly synchronised steps; of course, you are going to be like- whaaaaatt!! So, excessive masala is something that the Bollywood should quit putting into its movies.

Weak story line

Some scenes in the movies don’t make any sense. They break the continuity and disappoint the audience. The scenes come one after the other abruptly that it feels we as an audience feel cheated. The dialogues are lame, the punch lines are barely funny and the direction gets poorer as the movie progresses- Bollywood has plenty of examples for that.

Far away from reality

How many times have you started dancing in between of a lecture or in the streets with hundred perfectly choreographed dancers? In our lives, are all the good-looking people heroes and all ugly one villain? Are all the children born in privileged families spoilt? Do we all have a closet full of clothes so that we don’t need to repeat them even once in our lives? Can you fly to find your love in some distant country without waiting for your visa to arrive? No! All these scenarios are what we see in every second movie. If I am watching a movie, I would feel better if the people in it look like us.

Talking about sex, periods or rape is a big no-no

These subjects are taboo in the cinemas. As if they never happen. Women bleed, but no! you can’t talk about it in movies directly. Even if it is talked about, it is not done directly. Words like ‘that time of the month’ or ‘those days’ are used instead of a normal six letter word that is actually made for that- period! Rape? It just happens. Talking about it, or talking about the punishment that should be given to them is still a taboo.

Glorification of the mafias

Dons and mafias are so well-glorified as if what they do is a charity to the humanity. They are super- strong, no policeman can catch them, nothing is impossible for them, they have jaw-dropping gorgeous girlfriends and a cult of their own. Still, think being a mafia is a bad job? In Bollywood, of course not!

Good actors are given just supporting roles

We are tired of seeing the talentless sons of hotshot producers and directors in the lead role and really good and talented people as sidekicks or the hero’s best friend or the Dons right hand. Talent should be appreciated and should be given opportunities.

Bad replica of the Hollywood movies

Getting inspired and copying is two completely different things. A good copy is still okay but a desperate and poor attempt to just carbon copy a Hollywood movie is disgusting. Executions need to be checked, dialogues should be given importance, rejected and obsolete techniques should be kept aside. Originality should be the king. Get inspired, we all get inspired from good things, but, originality should be maintained by the film-makers.

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