Delhi turning to be a dumping ground

India’s endemic capital is turning to be a place for shitholes by means of serious dumping. A mountain of trash was found in east Delhi’s Gazipur on Friday afternoon. According to the municipal corporation mayor of the area, the blame is on the government for the poor and improper maintenance of the landfill. Reportedly, 2200 tons of garbage coming from East Delhi is dumped everyday at the landfill in Gazipur. The miasma of the trash is rising over in the air and is causing a foul smell, making it inconvenient for the people around.

                                                                       wait!! it’s not a hill, it’s a dumping ground of Delhi.

“Life is hell here. If you open the doors and windows even for a moment, you are hit by the fetid smell. You will throw up if you are not used to it. The air here is so polluted that the pipes of our air conditioners often get corroded leading to gas leakages. So you can imagine what this air can do to the human body,” says Kumar, secretary of Siddharth Niketan apartment complex.

                                                                    Act of kindness done by people of Delhi on environment

The stench of the 100 ft above raised trash mountain is not only an inconvenience but is also a threat to the lives of people. Not only Delhi but gradually the country will be turn into a dumping ground, if no measures regarding the same are taken. People have no plans to stop dumping their garbage in the environment or at public or government places. Beside the municipal corporations, every individual themselves has to take a step ahead to make it a clean place to live.

                                                                                             Waste to energy plant.

EDMC has planned to set up a “waste to energy” plant to get rid of the dumping at the landfill.

“The top green layer was a part of the process of scientifically extracting gas from decaying waste material. The plant is now ready and as of now we have no plans for further greening of the landfill as we still need it for garbage disposal,” says an EDMC engineer.

But this nowhere concerns the problem of the residents of the area, who are stuck with the issue everyday.

Strict steps should be taken regarding the same; or it won’t be long before the entire country becomes a dumping ground.

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