Devir Singh Bhandari’s odyssey towards becoming an Ideal ‘Yuva of Bharat’

Devir Singh Bhandari’s odyssey towards becoming an Ideal ‘Yuva of Bharat’

While many would like to believe that Generation Z invests most, if not all their time on their gadgets. Well, you’re not wrong. But hey, we’re more than just our gadgets. Aren’t we? If I haven’t convinced you yet, Devir Singh Bhandari is here to stay. Multifaceted Devir is here to redeem your credulity in Millennials. He is an award-winning young filmmaker, producer and an accomplished entrepreneur. Some of his enterprising ventures include the DSB Production house which has been an enormous success.

However, that’s not it; at present, he’s working on an inspirational book titled “Yuva Bharat”, which is scheduled to release early this year. As the title suggests that the book is a bravura volume on seventy young Indians who honoured the country with their excellence. What makes the book special is the fact that glorifies the heroes who’ve never been called heroes. It shares the story of 70 young unsung heroes who brought laurels to the nation. The book amasses youth from various fields like politics, defense, Bollywood, art, and many more.

‘Yuva Bharat’ will keep you abreast with all the affairs of the young minds in India. It consciously addresses the need for young people to take risks and attain the fruit of their risks.

The population of the youth in the country is colossal of 52 percent. More than half the nation consists of young adults. As citizens who belong to the majority population of the country, don’t you think we bear the most pressure to change things in this country? Don’t you agree that the time for a new wave of change is now? This book aims to accomplish precisely that. It strives to exhilarate those who’ve taken their first step towards self – fulfilment, while also encouraging those who haven’t.

From childhood, Devir has been encouraged and inspired by his parents to dream big but also to actively work towards that dream. Believe it or not, he’s been doing just that. The inspiration behind this book came from that same driving force within him. He wanted to make a change.

Devir Singh Bhandari’s odyssey towards becoming an Ideal ‘Yuva of Bharat’

He chose not to disregard the triumphs of these 70 people. He believes that encouragement brings out the best in people, hence, wishes to arouse a sense of accomplishment in this community of achievers. It assists in boosting their morale whilst enlightening and inspiring its readers. Although the book comprises of only the young, it doesn’t fail to inspire people from all age groups.

As a film maker, Devir sought inspiration from the late veteran Director and Producer, late Mr Yash Raj Chopra. While Devir has mostly produced and directed films, he’s trying his hand at acting in his debut film, ‘Gama in the Land of Lama’. Currently, the movie is under production for the Cannes film festival. We wish him all the best!

If one closely monitors Devir’s work, one notices a pattern. In all if not most of his work, he’s trying to send a message. He constantly taking a jab at social norms, stereotypes, and societal problems. He’s filmed a movie on cancer awareness called ‘Celebrating Life’ for SAARC nations and the Delhi government. Another film of his is based on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. When you look at his work, you know he wants to make a difference in this country. He’s at constant war with social evils prevalent in the society.

His upcoming project includes the ‘Yuva Bharat Foundation’, a foundation that he hopes works towards uniting and uplifting the country’s youth. On the literary front, he hopes to write a book on Women empowerment next.

All worthy work should be hailed, and so should Devir’s. In the period of one year, he has managed to receive three exceptional awards. He’s been named and awarded “exceptional leader of excellence” by the W.E.F. That’s not it, his second award is the “Bharat Leadership award” for his contribution towards nation building is a testimony to his capabilities of leading and shaping the young minds. His last award (for now) is the “Young Entrepreneur of India 2018” at the Assocham Excellence Awards.

You must wonder if this young man’s achievements ever seize. But I heartily say, No. He never disappoints you. But we can save his other list of wonders for some other day! Until then, you should know that we’re safe as long we have youth like Devir Singh Bhandari to stead the young of the country in the right track.

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