“DISTRUST, CRIME AND MEDICAL PROFESSION’’ – An unfortunate tale of medical negligence on part of Indian doctors.

Medical negligence by Indian doctors

Where is our country going? What has happened to the people?

On the one hand, Mahatma Gandhi aimed to make India a crime and corruption free nation; and today, crime, distrust, and corruption have  completely penetrated into our nation. Nearly all the sectors of our country are polluted. The medical profession was regarded as one of the noblest  and respected professions in India. For a patient, a doctor is like God. And God is infallible. The doctor-patient relationship is defined differently through the years either an unequal hierarchy and hegemony based on veneration and helplessness.

In recent years, the medical profession has also been engulfed by crime and distrust. Doctors cheat the patient, in lieu of money. Their actions are triggered by greed and ambition. There is a continuous negligence on the part of hospital facilities. Doctors have time and again also indulged in
malpractices. There are so many cases taking place now and then. It has got people wondering; why on earth does a regular  cough require an MRI scan or an ultrasound? When goals shift from honest treatment to cold revenue targets, unnecessary intervention becomes the norm.

The cycle goes on and on. A point comes when the patient’s suffering becomes chronic and he/she develops serious conditions that need urgent treatment. As if by orthodox tradition, thousands of tests will be performed. The same diagnostic findings will be corroborated a dozen times. The net result, notwithstanding the financial condition of the patients, turns out to be that the treating physician and hospital raise astronomical bills. The real danger from medical intervention is the avoidable damage to the health of a patient. There are cases where lack of services or concern on the part of the hospital has led to the death of patients. Some of those recent incidents are:

Gorakhpur – A number of children died a painful death in Gorakhpur due to a lack of oxygen supply. Sixty children died between August 7 and 11 in the state-owned Baba Raghav Das BRD hospital. While 30 died in two days, allegedly due to the absence of oxygen supply, following non-supply of
cylinders from the contractors due to nonpayment of due by the hospital. Reports say that some even died due to encephalitis and AES which is caused by other toxins, viruses, and bacteria among others.

Max Hospital, Delhi – An unfortunate event occurred when premature baby twins were declared dead by a doctor at Max hospital, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi. The nurse did not hear the heartbeat properly and handed over both fetuses to the parents wrapped in plastic. Both babies turned out to be alive.

Aren’t the hospital responsible for such cases? Such cases have resulted in lack of trust. Medical services in India have earned themselves a bad name. Which was once considered as the noblest profession among all has a tarnished image.

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