Does our government really mean ‘of the people, for the people and by the people?’

pic: Anitha

                                        “INFECTIOUS DREAMS ARE ALWAYS CURED WITH GLORY”

The day has come when you no longer have the right to dream if your pockets are not deep enough. It is better to wake up from your dreams before someone shatters it. It is not a sin to dream big, especially when the dreamer possesses the qualities to make those dreams come true. Today, a young girl’s dream has been buried along with her body. Anitha from Tamil Nadu was pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor. She was molded by her school to reach her destiny. In spite of being poor she was well supported by her family to realise her dreams and was encouraged by her friends to succeed in life. She also started making herculean efforts to witness the glory. So, where did she miss her track? What is the penultimate reason for her death? Why did her inner voice whisper her to die? Who is to be blamed?

                                           “ALL THE BROKEN DREAMS HAVE AN UNTOLD STORY”

Anitha came out in flying colors by scoring a mind-blowing 1176/1200 with a medical cut off of 196.75 which was more than enough to get her a seat in an esteemed medical institution. When she had thought that she had cleared all the basic hurdles, NEET stood as a demon and laughed at her. The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test had to be cleared to get a seat in medical college. But she could secure only 86 marks which was meagre. She filed a complaint against NEET in supreme court, but it fell on deaf ears. Since the Supreme Court failed to give exemption to Tamil Nadu, NEET marks were considered for medical counseling and ultimately she did not get a seat. This came as a shock to her. That was the moment, when a rope stole her neck from her beloved stethoscope and stopped her heartbeat.

                                                                                          Medical Entrance Exam: NEET

The concept of NEET is definitely appreciable. NEET is a boon in disguise. With the advent of NEET, true talents and deserving people can be identified and given opportunities. It will destroy the habit of BUYING a seat. But has the plan been executed in the right way by our government? The answer is a definite NO. The question paper of NEET is set by the central government for the students all over india. But are the students across the country studying under one single board of education? The CBSE students have an advantage over other board students as majority of the questions asked in NEET are framed from their syllabus. The state board syllabus is definitely lagging behind which affects the students when they take up common entrance examinations. Students from remote areas and villages are completely ousted by this. Unity in a country must be brought by the government by bringing a uniform board of education throughout the nation, as today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. We cannot afford to lose our future leaders anymore. A common syllabus should have been brought before imposing NEET on students. Should the schools train their wards to face their board exams or NEET exams?

         Life is a dream for wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor-Sholom Aliechem

It should be informed beforehand or at least time should be given for the students to prepare themselves to face NEET. But now it is said that time will heal the pain caused by the demise of Anitha. If Anitha had been rich she would have splashed the money and got into a college of her wish, but fate decided her birth and government decided her death. If money can be used as a loophole to escape NEET why not Anitha’s medical cut off? Is money valued higher than ability? Why is the central government considering Tamil Nadu, only as a place to conquer? Will time heal the pain of those four

men who carried Anitha’s body to the graveyard? Is this the end of the fire which was lit up to serve the society? Anitha’s marksheet should’ve been buried along with her body as it had no value. The government has witnessed the effect of the implementation of an unplanned idea. Basic education is secondary, first and foremost is common education. The books carried by a CBSE student must be of the same cost of the books carried by a government school student. She was not a coward who feared to face life as some people think. Anitha was brave enough to file a complaint against the government. She also had the courage to march ahead but was brutally stopped.

Let’s not kill our hopes and wish for the better. Let us not pray, let us demand. Let us not give up, let us rise up.

                                                                                                 Sources: kamalcartoon

The death of Anitha is a strong message to the society and to the government. Anitha’s voice will echo and her soul will not rest in peace unless the government comes up with an answer. Let us make India one single piece and then digitalize it. This is not an anti-social message, this is a message to make India a better place.

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  1. You have to qualify in NEET even for medical seats in private/deemed universities. Money cant buy you seat anymore. Thats why NEET is good. But Anita failed in NEET. She could have dropped this year and prepared for NEET next year.

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