Doklam trade war resolved

The recent tension between the two countries, India and China created a temporary environment of unrest and war zone in the region of Doklam, Sikkim. After the declaration of the anti-dumping duties on Chinese products and the protest on the construction of the road by the Chinese military in this area, the relation between the two countries were shaken.

The Doklam Plateau is said to be a disputed territory of China and Bhutan and so the Chinese government were adamant on constructing roads on their territory. The Indian government on the other hand had forewarned China that it would be a serious security concern for India as it would link the nation to the northeastern states. This conflict is said to be the worst in decades where over 300 soldiers from both sides confronted each other to strike off this Trade War earlier in June. Just two weeks ago, the soldiers clashed at the Pangong lake in Ladakh, where they were seen throwing stones at one another. This dispute was kicked off by China when they tried to invade into the Indian side of the lake.

Through all this turmoil, the situation has finally concluded. Both the countries have decided to resolve and end this lengthy standoff. It was reported that both the countries have started to withdraw their troops from Doklam and that this process would not be completed within a day. China said they were pleased on this decision but has propound that the Chinese military will be patrolling the Doklam region as they claim it to be their territory.


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