Don’t Judge a book from its cover: It isn’t our birth right

Sometimes we are too quick to judging people without even knowing a single thing about them. We make assumptions about the way people dress, talk, present themselves, or stand and judge them in no time after that. I am one of those people. I realized how wrong I’ve been when I judge people like that. I don’t know their backstory, what they have gone through, and I judge them immediately because of how they dress and talk.

A few days ago, Badshah came on an interview show and talked about his story. Before this whenever I heard his name, here’s a list of things I had judged him on:

  • He isn’t well educated.
  • He is pompous.
  • He is ill-mannered.
  • He doesn’t have a sense of music, and more.

When I started to watch that interview, I had already assumed that the interview was going to go in a certain way. He will have his swag mode on, answer rudely, and be self-obsessed. He was anything except that. While watching the show, a few things were discovered. His name is not really Badshah, it is Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodiya. He did his graduation from ‘St. Stephens College’ in Delhi University and his favorite subject was Math. Another big thing, he knew answers to questions like what is Pi(π). He loves his sister dearly and they share a very loving bond. His wife doesn’t like his music, like a lot of people; but he doesn’t let that bother him. He goes on to creating his music. He has had the phase like any other person, where he named himself Cool equal (eye-roll).

As I watched the show, I had a big epiphany. That epiphany was how wrong I was when I judged people without knowing them. I felt something change within me in a few second. I found a new found respect for this man named Aditya, not because he wasn’t anything I expected, but because he helped me realize that I need to change myself.

Post the show, I tell the world, these are the things I know about Badshah:

  • He is well educated, from one of the best institutes in the country.
  • He is humble.
  • He went for his passion when he could have had a good job anywhere.
  • He loves his family.
  • He doesn’t let haters get to him.

One important thing I realized was that everyone is different. Their choices and preferences are different and I have no right to judge anyone or what they do. Everyone has their own choice and are entitled to do what they want to.

Palak Mahajan

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