Is dreaming just a habit? Insight to some interesting facts about dreams and their symbolic meanings

Is dreaming just a habit? Insight to some interesting facts about dreams and their symbolic meanings

Dreams are a very common phenomenon in one’s life, yet are the most misunderstood concepts in the world. Some associate it to reality, while others to a bad omen or mis happenings, however, what we fail to understand is that it is just a normal function of the brain, where we sub- consciously imagine things and visualize them in the form of dreams, usually while sleeping.

Here are some interesting facts about dreams, which I would like to bring into picture through this article:

Memory of the dreams: its very common for us to wake up and be all excited about a beautiful dream we saw but even before we share it or recollect it, it’s all lost from our memory, leaving us brainstorming for the entire day.

This happens because there is a time limit to the storage of a dream in one’s mind, an average person’s dream is forgotten by them within 5 minutes since they wake up and in 10 minutes one tends to forget 90 percent of the dream.

Hence, usually the long narrations of our dreams in front our friends are usually, a creation of our artistic minds and nothing else, because the actual dream is long lost by then. However, an effective method to remember your dream is to jot it down somewhere as soon as you wake up, in order to have a written evidence of your dream before you forget it.

Stars of our dreams: As kids, all of us must have experienced a nightmare, visualizing a ghost from some horror movie we recently watched or maybe a cartoon creature which was on our mind continuously. The reason behind why such nightmares are only common in kids and toddlers is that they don not star in their own dreams.

Till an average age of 5-6 years, one does not cast in their own dreams and thus, visualize all such characters instead or anything they came across throughout their day.

The unknown faces of your dreams: this fact might creep must people out, but yes, we only see those people in our dreams, whom we have actually met in our real life. Since, it is impossible to remember the faces of each and every person we see in our life, we tend to consider the faces in our dreams as unknown, however, in reality you might be dreaming of a person you saw four years ago in a metro and had exchanged a frown or a smile with them.

Sleep Paralysis: During the REM stage of your sleep, the body is paralyzed through a mechanism that prevents your body from moving physically because of the dream. It is also possible for this mechanism to occur during, before and after one’s dream is over, probably the reason behind why most of us find our bodies locked once we wake up in the morning from some dream.

Premonition dreams: there are some astonishing cases where people dreamt of exactly the same things that happened to them later in their lives, or maybe one can say that they got a glimpse of their future in their dreams.

However, something like this has not been proven by science and they usually regard it as a matter of mere coincidence, but the number of times such coincidences have been repeated are surprising, as a lot of victims of 9/11 had claimed of dreaming of such a catastrophe before the tragedy, Abraham Lincoln dreamt of his assassination and a lot of people also verified their precognitive dream about the Titanic mis happening.

Now let us move on to some other gripping facts that about what we had been encountering in our lives but hardly paid attention to:

Dream catchers:

They have been commonly used a home decor item amongst the teenagers, as it is surely beautiful in appearance, with all its colorful feathers and woven mesh, but a lot of us ignored the significance and origin of this item.

It is one of the most famous Native American symbols, woven by the females in earlier times with pretty colors around a hoop, adding a lot of charms and sacred objects to it, as it entailed their family into believing that nothing inauspicious would surpass them at night, in the ambience of such sacred objects and they can sleep peacefully without being worried about the nightmares at night.

Dream of being chased:

A very common and recurring dream in one’s life, but we hardly paid attention to understand what it really implies and symbolizes. It is assumed that if you constantly dream of being chased, it means there are a lot of unattended errands in life waiting for you and that you had been running away from your problems and a lot of unsettled matters are waiting your attention. It is a message that your brain is trying to send you through the dream to start focusing and paying attention to your unattended business as soon as possible.

Nudity dream meaning:

Something that a lot of us would chide away from confessing but yes, at a lot of times we suddenly find ourselves nude in a social gathering, in our dreams and we just let go of it considering It to be weird and funny, ignoring its implications.

However, such dreams have a lot of significance in one’s life, it represents anxiety, humiliation, insecurity or feelings of vulnerability that had been building inside of you since a long time. It is an indication that you have been struggling to be your true self in the past few days and want to have a complete taste of freedom and liberation.

If you dream of the dead:

The most contested dream, attached with a lot of superstitions and myths. We usually hear the grand parents say that they met some closely associated deceased person in the dream and that is a call for them to go to the same place, while some are elated to have a brief conversation with the deceased people in life and consider it a message of how much they are being missed.

Whereas, the truth is such dreams only signify some material loss, or are drawn parallel to one’s present situation to that of the time when the person was deceased. It is also said that such dreams signify that one had been hanging out with the wrong people these days and is under a bad influence.

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