Eat your way to the body of your dreams!

Who doesn’t want to look good? We often get inspired looking at fit people and dream of having a great body. It is known by all that to get that body, it is important to eat right. That is the tricky part! Our lifestyle and culture obligates us to attend dinner parties and social gatherings. Yes we want to look fabulous yet savour the delicious food being served at such events. If a pattern like this persists in the long run, then we will need a lifestyle that we just don’t lead, but also love. This means taking a diet that is nutritious and delicious at the same time. And this is where we need the correct information from a health expert.

Jasleen Kaur is a Nutritionist and Founder at JUST DIET CLINIC. She advices people the right diet for them and helps them achieve an ideal body. Jasleen’s diets are amazing and easy to follow as she allows her clients to eat almost everything!

It is important to include all the nutrition in the food that we eat. Our meals should be balanced. Here are few insights from Jasleen to make our lifestyle healthier. One of the primary requirements is detoxing the plate – choosing wisely what to eat, so that our body and mind work in sync. Eating well means giving up all our favourite food is as much of a myth as weight lost is equal to health gained.  A healthy diet not only generates the energy we need, but also helps us to look and feel great. It includes a wide range of foods to meet our nutritional needs and the amount of calories as per our requirements.

Nutrients that must be considered while planning meals are:


  • Carbohydrates are the main energy source for the brain.
  • Source: fruits, breads and vegetables and grains.


  • Proteins are the major structural component of cells and responsible for the building and repair of tissues.
  • Chicken, dairy, beans or eggs


  • Choose healthy options such as omega-3-rich foods like fish, walnuts and vegetables based oils.

Don’t just allow the latest food fad. Find out the truth about eating well. Following are some tips:

  • Don’t skip breakfast.
  • Aim to eat at least five portion of a variety of fruits and vegetables a day.
  • At snack time, swap food that is high in saturated fat or sugars for healthier choices.
  • If you often feel hungry, try eating more high-fibre food.
  • If you’re feeling tired and run down, you may need more iron in your diet. Teenage girls are the higher risk of being low on iron.

Just dreaming of that ideal body will not help you achieve it! You need to put in constant efforts which will go a long way. And once the results are visible, there is no better motivation.

Health Expert Jasleen Kaur

(Health expert Jasleen Kaur is actively working in the field of weight management and lifestyle disorders. She believes in natural way of achieving a healthy lifestyle and does not endorse artificial methods like machines, medicines, supplements etc.  At her clinic, she deals with individuals who are obese or suffering from lifestyle disorders namely – diabetes, thyroid, hypertension etc. she also educates and conducts seminars and workshops for schools to educate children and parents about health and nutrition.)

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