Fatwa against Sonu Nigam answered, but the cleric wants more?

Sonu Nigam, a veteran singer, recently created a storm after tweeting about the use of loudspeakers in morning prayers at mosques. He cleared his stand by saying that he didn’t expect a simple thing to create such an outrage.

I have considered Mohammed Rafi as my guru. My driver is a Muslim. I am not anti-Muslim, I consider myself secular,” said Sonu after he was labeled as Anti-Muslim. He also clarified that he talked about the issue in social context and not under religious context.

When people drew analogies with him using loudspeakers during concerts, he quickly shut them by saying that he sings only within the permissible time limit. Sonu also mentioned that he can’t accept everything just because he is secular. Congress leader Ahmed Patel also echoed Sonu’s sentiments about the use of loudspeakers during ‘Azaan’ to which Sonu Replied, “Azaan zaruri hai, loudspeaker nahi”.

Post the entire controversy, a Maulvi from West Bengal issued a fatwa against Sonu Nigam. The Bengal Cleric openly offered of Rs. 10 Lacs to anyone who shaved Sonu’s Head. Sonu didn’t stop here. He called a Muslim Celebrity Hairstylist, Hakim Aalim, to his home and got his head shaved.

He tweeted, “Today at 2pm Aalim will come to my place, and shave my head. Keep your 10 Lakhs ready Maulvi”.

He said at a press conference, “It’s not an agitation, not a challenge that I am throwing someone’s way. I am shaving my head just to show that the person cutting my hair is a Muslim. It’s all about interpreting things the right way. I exhort the media to present it like that and not in a confrontational way”.

He also condemned the issue of Fatwa by saying, “What is happening to the country? Anyone can lynch anyone or anyone can issue a fatwa. I’m not talking about any single religion, also wrote about temples and gurudwara which no one seemed to notice“.

Aalim also spoke to the media and asked the cleric to give him the cash prize and keep his word.

Author Tarek Fatah has also risen to show his support for the singer. He recently tweeted addressing the singer; the tweet said, “U r spot on Sonu Nigam. Thank God there is at least 1 person in India who has the courage to stare down Mullah bullying. Shut the 4AM Azaan”.

The cleric has also commented after Sonu shaved his head. The Maulvi says that only one out of the three conditions are met. Sonu has to rest two-garland of old torn shoes and tour around the country.

We often hear laws against ragging and bullying, but if a religious supreme does the same, it is considered okay? The controversy has divided people in two- the right and the wrong.

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