Feeling under the weather? Trust us when we say Google cannot save you!

Today, Google search has become our one-stop destination for any query. From education to politics to history, Google can provide answers to all our questions. However, this wonderful tool may not always be the most trustworthy source. In fact, googling diseases can prove to be quite dangerous, and here are some reasons why.

Information related to Medicines and Drugs

While Google says it restricts ads on any sensitive health-related information, often times when you search anything related to an illness or medicine on Google, this data is transferred to third parties. On this basis, you are shown ads related to that disease and its treatment. Medical information is also shared with Criminal Websites. These can be used for Medicaid Fraud and many other scams.

False diagnosis

Ever heard the joke of how every health-related search on Google yields the result for cancer?

The internet is full of unreliable information. It is quite a common habit to google symptoms of illnesses. However, what the search results reveal are actually an amalgamation of all possible illnesses and diseases, and can result in faulty diagnosis

Doctors rely on the latest data to make their diagnosis of your disease, and they have enough background knowledge to sort the major symptoms from the minor. It is always a wiser choice to consult a doctor rather than set out to find a cure yourself.

Too much information

Doctors are specialised and trained to put together your symptoms, medical history and the rarity of a disease to come up with a far more accurate diagnosis than you can. (They have been training for 8 years for a reason!)  The brief volume of information you get to read through, comprehend and connect in order to properly diagnose yourself is so great that you are likely to miss something vital, which could put your health in danger.

Google is, indeed, an invaluable resource to resolve all your queries. But, when it comes to your health, there is no one more reliable than a doctor. Don’t put your life in jeopardy! Simply, stay away from Google when you are sick.

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