Feminists today: “We believe in equality as long as we get ourselves a Rich Husband.”

With a strong and powerful collective voice, millions of women around the world today are marching to promote Women’s Rights and the policies that are beneficial for women. So, it’s evident that women today stress on their financial independence. But, in case of choosing their life partners, most of the women nowadays, prefer their husbands to be rich and well-established in the society. Some women choose luxury over anything else when the question arises of settling down with someone in life. But, is this justified? Certainly not! After all, why women can’t achieve all these luxuries themselves if they are so ambitious about their future? Still, there are many, who, when provided a chance with ample of opportunities, back off, and, the reason is still not clear to us.

We can see many successful women entrepreneurs who have proved themselves by their outstanding achievements. Despite this, why do women prefer men who are better settled be their life partners? If at all they want their partners to be well established, why not be a helping hand in the process?

The buzzword “feminism” is definitely about promoting the equality of women, going against male chauvinism.

But, is any woman ready to accept the challenges of feminism in its true sense? Can a woman provide all the wishes of her future house husband, taking the big responsibility of being the so-called ‘head of the house’? Is that easy enough for a woman to be better than a man in running an entire family and livelihood?

Amit, an M.B.A. from Indian Institute of Management, currently residing in New York, posted something ‘out of the blue’ on a popular Indian matrimonial website without providing any details about himself-


Arjun Kapoor in the film Ki and Ka, as a househusband

Well, he boldly confessed that he wanted to be a stay-at-home-dad post marriage, but, had certain criteria for this. He preferred to stay with his wife at his in-laws’ place, rather than with his own parents.

And, most importantly, he was looking for a pretty and intelligent woman with a stable and high earning financial profile.

In return, he promised her to be a perfect house husband and take excellent care of her household. He also promised to give a lot of gifts to the woman and her family at the time of marriage as per customs and current marriage demands; but, not dowry, since, he is strictly against it. Surprisingly, he expects to receive the right amount of jewellery or any equivalent gift appropriate for men at the time of marriage.

And, as expected, he received zero interests or matches during a six-month period. He is yet to figure out what is wrong with his profile.

In fact, he was simply stressing on equality rather than equity.

Amit received around 10k votes to this answer to a question asked on Quora. The question was-


Amit was the only person to give such a reply to this post and received multiple comments from different angles. There are some, who accused women saying that hypocrisy was at its best. Some people agreed with him, while others replied that situation is different in case of women and it cannot be compared to that of men. Amit later revealed his credentials, when asked by a person whether it was a bully to girls’ profiles, highlighting his qualifications. He also said that he has worked at Private Equity, so he wasn’t bullying at all.

Can you believe the mindset of the women who are in search of a husband on Indian Matrimonial sites? They want to be treated as the Lady Boss but cannot dare to marry a man who will give her the real freedom and responsibilities of one. It’s totally acceptable when a woman demands all these from a man, but, what about vice versa situation? Is it too tough for a woman to stand up to these demands and expectations or the traditional stereotypic mentality blocks the way?

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