Fingers pointed at Kangana for all the right reasons: Recent forensic reports prove Hrithik’s innocence

In the light of recent developments, the murky details of the Hrithik Roshan-KanganaRanaut case has been the topic of discussion all over news channels and social media. While some supporters have been unwavering in their faith for their respective celebrities, some are questioning the credibility of the accusations being thrown around by KanganaRanaut, now that Hrithik’s 29-page-long case report has been made public by the police. According to the report, he has been stalked, harassed and been subjected to a torrent of sexual messages from Kangana through her email, for a long time

                                                                                                           Hrithik’s Tweet

Along with the reports came the admission that Hrithik has handed over all his electronic media devices to the Cyber Crime Cell as a requirement for their investigation. At the same time, police have alleged that they have received no such co-operation from Kangana’s side, as she keeps coming up with excuses of damage or repair to elude the handing over of her devices. All this while, her strong voice about the issue had been the driving force behind her popular support. However, seeing her reluctance to back her claims with solid evidence, some supporters are starting to question whether all this while it was just all talk from Kangana’s side.

Reportedly, forensic reports have confirmed that Hrithik’s side is clear and that his claims that Kangana had been communicating with an imposter are true. His devices have undergone tests and it has been verified that Hrithik has not established any electronic communication with Kangana, contrary to her claims. The location of the imposter in control of the fake email account has been traced to New Jersey.

                                                                                                   Hrithik and Kangana

While the jury is divided on the why’s of this case- why was Hrithik silent all this while, why can Kangana not produce evidence, why isn’t Hrithik taking any action, why would Kangana lie; the fact lies that right now Kangana’s side of the story, which was aired more than Hrithik’s due to his own hesitation to step out and speak up, has more holes than Hrithik’s side.

Hrithik’s silence has been presumed and misread as his guilt throughout the media trials that have been a regular feature on almost all major news channels that feed off such high-profile cases and controversies. However the status quo is shifting, even if Hrithik’s silence remains unbroken. The punches in his actions are coming off stronger than what his words could have been.

                                                                                             Email conversation

While one might want to retain a neutral opinion about the issue, it is becoming extremely difficult to find legitimacy on Kangana’s side of the story, because of the blatant lack of evidence. While Hrithik completely refutes her claims of a relationship, her counter-allegations seem to be quite shabby. A relationship, that too one that had developed enough to have an alleged Paris proposal would definitely have some material evidence, no matter how secretive. No couple in love would communicate solely through emails. Forget photographs or gifts, there is no evidence of even text messages or phone calls, which should be a staple for any couple in love that cannot keep in touch regularly. Looking at it objectively, Hrithik’s claims seem more plausible.

Not to mention that Kangana has repeatedly claimed that many of her email accounts and other such communication devices have been hacked and used to send mails that could potentially weaken her case. It is also to be noted that while the case has been ongoing for a few years now, it has gained sudden momentum right before the release of Kangana’s latest film, Simran, which makes us suspicious whether the case is a publicity stunt after all. The lofty claims she made, do not seem to be going well with the actions. Her blind supporters fail to see the impracticality in her own theories. From a neutral stand, Hrithik’s case seems to be more reasonable and backed with evidence.

Either way, the media is being the blood-thirsty jackal between the fighting rams. Taking full advantage of the celebrity status and massively divided public opinion, the media is milking the situation by sensationalising the issue even more. In the end, it is still a personal issue to be sorted between two people. Bringing in families and the legal system is enough involvement already, but somehow people refuse to let the issue quieten and solve on its own. It is not a national emergency, and will not affect anybody else other than the two parties. The public need not become judges of their character.

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