Five ridiculous bans in India

Five ridiculous bans in India

India is known for its quirks and colour resulting from the myriad of lifestyles, languages and customs it houses. All of these reside quite peacefully in our diverse land of Incredible India. Well, erm..  almost peacefully.

We are actually, known, to be very volatile with our temper and have a special adulation for ‘offense’. We liberally take it at all possible instances and validate our anger with our favourite judicial reprisal- Banning. If Banning was an art, then we are the Da Vincis of this art form. From banning TV and video games during exams to banning beef and liquor, the Indian mindset strongly recommends this as the holy dictum of disciplining. Let’s have a look at a few things we have so painstakingly and lovingly banned, making a mockery of our democracy as a nation.


This probably tops the frustrated Indian’s list of illogical restrictions. Recently all internet service providers were directed to block 857 sites or meet with suspension of their license, with immediate and quite widespread effect from 24 October 2017. Now, there are 857 more woes added to the list of an average Indian’s despair. It is quite amusing, with the judiciary acting like a strict Indian parent and outright banning the viewing of adult content. But going by the scams making headlines in our country, we often forget strict parents raise the best liars and cheats.


One can always look forward to uncorking a bottle of champagne and raising a toast over clinking glasses to commemorate a celebration. However, the Bihar government made a toasty affair about the toast and implemented absolute liquor ban from April, 2016. If being drunk made one take irrational, illogical decisions, the Nitish Kumar government ironically, did just the same.


If reincarnation exists, then women in our country would have opted to be re born as a cow, rather than a human. Such is the societal status the cow enjoys in our country. Right wing workers have proclaimed themselves as ‘gau rakshaks’ and are effortlessly working to save this not so fast depleting species from.. extinction? The state of Maharashtra took this conservation campaign a step further and the government went on to announce possession, consumption or trading of the meat illegal. Now, the meat lovers of the state are beefing about this decision!

Public Display of Affection

India boasts of the biggest population in the world. However, since we Indians are quite culturally bequeathed with rich traditions and heritage (including temples of Konark and Khajurao), we would like to maintain we achieved this feat by asexual propagation. Because, in a country were holding hands or kissing in public draws disgusted stares, physical intimacy is definitely an abhorred practice. Although there is no official ban on the practice, self-proclaimed moral police strictly implements this restriction. From beating up couples to issuing warning against Valentine’s Day celebrations, we take all measured to eradicate such un-Indian practices.

Explicit Content

We are blessed to have an outlook that does not believe in public discretion while consuming entertainment. It saves us the time spent in making decisions and choices about the content we wish to watch. (Why decide when you can concede?!) With this idea of public welfare in mind, the institution of Censor Board was incorporated. From cinematic breakthroughs like Liptick Under My Burkha to cult classics like Gangs of Wasseypur, all have had their generous share of the censor cut. It is heartwarming to watch passively how crass and female objectifying item numbers are safely passed the test but burning issues and good cinema has to pay a bigger stake in loss of content.

These were a few absolutely illogical bans that we boast of. But do you feel, these are of help in actually addressing the issues?

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