Four Things you should do for effective Millennial Survival: The to-do list for a Stress free living

Four Things you should do for effective Millennial Survival: The to-do list for a Stress free living

We run in a mad rat race of targets and deadlines chased by status, position, and social hierarchy. We are tormented by workload and are trudging on a stress treadmill devoid of any full stops. Moreover, the world has been maddening at a chaotic pace and we have just been frantically flailing in bottomless whirlpool of life. With the stress, overuse, abuse, misuse, and tension we put our brains through, the 100 billion neurons firing at lightspeed often render us fatigued. We need to take a step back and realize the damage we’ve done to ourselves as individuals and as a generation with unimaginably hectic lives.

Here’s a to-do list essential for every millennial’s office board pin up. Read it in between the deadlines and shift breaks and implement it within the breaths you can take in the rush of this life.

If a thousand welfare books and health posts have not been enough to put it across to you, then let’s assume the scientific perspective- your brain needs air, to function. If breathing in deeply relaxes you momentarily, it’s because you’re providing your body with one of the essentials for normal, healthy metabolization. Engage in stimulating activities, like, the highly popular- music or the go for the path less travelled by on a weekend trek. Whatever you do, first and foremost- Relax.

Stretch your body a bit, beyond your comfort zone, loosen the cramps and tightened joints and break into a jog if possible. A sedentary body and an overworked brain are the absolute ingredients of lifestyle diseases. Rotate the scales slightly on a regular basis to work your body and calm down your frantic brain.

Meditate, to release the angst of mundane from your mind. Focus on your breathing for a certain part of the day and give stress a one way ticket out of your body. If spiritual reasons do not satisfy your logic for any of these, then do it for financial reasons- a healthier lifestyle today translates into lesser medical bills in the future.

If you fail to plan; you plan to fail.

Plan your work, your schedule and your time. A few precious minutes of meticulous planning saves a lot more in the abundant 24 hours that we have. And most importantly, do not procrastinate. Bottle neck workload and thinning out deadlines never ensure quality of the task.

Prioritize properly. Does it require as much timespan as you’ve devoted or not? Question your essentials and ask yourself what value creation you can do within that schedule and with the limited resources you have. Strive to increase the productivity of your task by taking shorter and stricter breaks and continued sincere efforts. Set up the pace for your work and manage time efficiently. If not, the results shall be as disappointing as your sincerity.

When commercials and movies tell us to live life to the fullest, they mean within the boundaries of affordability and financial wisdom. Missing out on a weekly fancy dinner hurts lesser than mounting bills in the month end. Being pocket-prudent is only a smarter way to reduce the existing sack of worries in the corner of your mind. Expenses should feed off of income. Myopic decisions and poor financial planning are absolutely detrimental to long term wealth accumulation. Moreover, if you believe money doesn’t buy happiness, then stay assured mounting bills don’t ease off life either.

Nonetheless, if the fancy dinner is imperative, then make sure you afford it.

Now, meaningful can have extremely subjective meanings for different individuals. However the bottom line is to be enriched. Go back with valuable information. Information which will constantly compel you to broaden your horizons, question your knowledge and challenge your opinions. It is necessary to continually put our brains to the exercise of constructive, critical thinking and analysis. Just like the stagnant cogwheels that may rust out faster, so do the thought processes that go unchallenged for long. Stimulate your mind every now then in a healthy manner. Engage in forums where ideas are exchanged. Give your brain newer outlooks to grasp onto. This is not only a good way to keep up with the times but also to constantly prune your views.

Thus, even if we cannot eliminate the stress and struggle which is a part of our lives, we can always adapt ourselves to have our way around the tough times. And this makes for an extremely basic guide to efficient and healthier living.

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