Grab your bag and go on your next long weekend to these irresistible destinations around Mumbai and take a break from the hustle bustle of your life

Mumbai is the most happening city in India, it’s called a raging pulse for a reason. But it can get tiresome sometimes while keeping up with its hustle bustle. What better way than a lovely weekend away from work, traffic and the 4 walls of your house? For a break, the first thought that pops into anyone’s mind is a quiet and relaxing place where you don’t have to honk on the road to make your presence felt. For those dying to get a breather, we bring to you the best weekend getaways from Mumbai.


                                                                                                             lonavla Hills

Sahyadri bole toh Lonavala toh top pe aata hai. Of course, any list without its iconic favourite is incomplete. Lonavala and Khandala – twin resort hills are a place worth visiting. The journey alone will make you fall in love with the ghats, scenic valleys, lowered clouds often rain accompanied. Located about 100 km from Mumbai one can drive to Lonavala. The best time to visit this place is between October and May as monsoons and winters are relaxing and cool. History lovers can visit Korigad Fort and Karla &Bhaja caves. The latter are Buddhist caves made from the 2nd century BC to 5th century AD. Alright don’t close the page I’m not going into more details. Trekking enthusiasts can go in for Duke’s nose or Nagphani as it is famously called. You can forget the frayed nerves and just indulge in nature to soothe you. Nilesh from Pune mentions on “Did this trek in July 2017 when rains were at their best. After a spell or two, I was literally enthused to roll up my jacket and get drenched. It was the best thing!” Don’t miss Lonavala chikki for the live of your life! The hard sweet candy is an energetic relish after all that exuberating holiday.


                                                                                                          Kashid beach view

A beach town located 135 kms away from Mumbai. The tiny Town is a mini Goa in Maharashtra. Replete with beautiful casuarina and palm trees along with white sand this place is meant for beach lovers. Yes, we know Mumbai also has beaches and they are very happening, but Kashid is the Konkan splendour. Localites will gladly guide you to resorts or beaches for there is a chance of you getting confused in the maze of roads. They are packed with trees on the sides so you won’t be able to tell one locality from another. Once you are there, only a tight schedule can pull you out of there it is so beautiful! Resorts and shacks are stocked up high to give you everything you want. But don’t forget to carry your camera for all the windswept pictures you might want to Instagram!

Statutory warning – the waves tend to show off by getting all high and mighty. Be sure you are not afraid of water and can do basic swimming. Because personally speaking a wave can hit you hard and leave you confused on the seabed even if you know how to swim! But lucky me I guess, Presence of mind and family dear saved me.


                                                                                                     River rafting in kolad

For all the adventure junking Mumbaikers, this place is the perfect location for your weekend trip. Kolad is a whitewater river rafting village about 117 KMS from Mumbai on the NH 17. The rushing river Kundalika flows through this town and makes river rafting possible. A huge amount of water is released from a local dam and at 8 am tourists can enter the water. Naturally, the best time to visit Kolad is the monsoon season. For all the not-much-of-a-Marathi-speaking persons just give the locals a confused look and they will switch to Hindi after asking playfully “ Tula Marathi yet Nahi ka?”. Pay close attention for you might get lost or end up jumbling the instructions for rafting. Happy weekends!

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