Grab your bowl of popcorn as Mayweather and Mcgregor get in the boxing ring for the ultimate fight!

The world is set to witness one of the biggest events in sports history on the 26th of August. The undefeated boxer, Floyd Mayweather has taken up to beat the prevailing UFC lightweight champion Conor Mcgregor in a fight to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

An unbeatable athlete with an impeccable sense of business that he has, Mayweather (also the owner of ‘The Money Team’ brand) wants to earn money big time while he fights to defeat McGregor in the ring by charging the UK and Irish viewers £100.

With raging craze for the fight, it is likely that it might break the PPV buy record set by Mayweather’s 2015 ‘Fight of the Century’ with Manny Pacquiao, which was purchased by 4.4m fight fans.

Fans in the USA might have to invest a whopping $89.95 for the pleasure of watching it.

Floyd Mayweather

Some claim that Mayweather’s avowed tax issues could be the reason behind such a move. He allegedly owes the American tax authority, IRS a huge amount, even though he denies the claim.

“Bottom line, everybody just wants to be a part of the ‘Money May’ show, including the IRS! That’s fine, you can crunch numbers all day but in the end, my empire is rock solid and intact! Now calculate that!” said Mayweather in his defense.

All said and done Mayweather has his intentions strong on making huge digits out of this iconic fight and hence broadcasters such as ITV and Sky sports are set to contest for the screening rights even though Sky Sports are more likely to land the rights.

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn told GQ that Mayweather’s pay-per-view idea may not come to pass and he doesn’t see Sky charging more than their standard price.

Conor McGregor

“The price will be within the same realms as it always has. I don’t set the price, but my gut feeling is £19.95 ($26.17). If it went to £24.95 ($32.72)… I can’t see it, it wouldn’t be my decision. Sky won’t want to go beyond £19.95. That is their price point.” said Hearn.

None of this controversy still saturates the excitement for ‘THE’ fight; if anything it just makes it more thrilling and tests the patience of fans while they wait for the day of the fight to arrive.

Is it going to be a nail biting match or is going to be a clear win? All of this will be unveiled in the biggest sporting events of recent times on 26th of August.

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