When Harry met Rachel, leading to the royal wedding!

The build-up, the excitement, and the wait is finally over, as the Royal Family has welcomed the queen of “Suits” into their dynasty, with the grandest of the celebrations and with all their hearts. The union of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has been the most talked about affair, ever since the two started dating. Nearing the wedding, the enthusiasm on the part of the millions of people, all around the world, had known no bounds. The nuptial day saw the world going gaga over the grandiosity of the ceremony, with everyone tuned into the live coverage through various different forms of digital media.  Now that the two can rightly be called the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, let us keep ourselves from reminiscing about the D-day, and first dive into a little flashback as to how the two came to be together.

America’s Rachel Meghan Markle, the beautiful daughter of Doria Ragland and Thomas Markle Sr. is a former actress known for her role in the legal drama series “Suits”.

Britain’s Henry Charles Albert David, familiarly known as Prince Harry, is the younger descendant of Charles, Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales. He is a member of the Royal Family and sixth in the succession to the British throne.

Not just them, but their poses too are regal. source

Prince Harry and Ms. Markle were introduced to each-other on a blind date, arranged by their mutual friend, at the start of July 2016. Both were unacquainted and unaware of who the other person was. According to the duo’s interview on BBC, they got to know about each-other only after they met and spoke about oneself to the other. Prince Harry did not have the slightest of the hint about Markle being a famous American actress, and Ms. Markle too, on the other hand, was unaware of the background of this royal heir.

However, this day of July 2016 marked the beginning of their forever lasting journey. We all have fancied ‘love at first sight’, but for Prince Harry, this was the reality. As soon as he saw Meghan, he was “beautifully surprised” and had fallen for her immediately. Their whirlwind romance became evident when Meghan was convinced to go on a trip with the Prince, soon after their first meeting. They had a good five to six months long period of privacy, in which they got to connect, which turned out to be very crucial for them. They were surely head-over-heels in love, so much so that they didn’t have a more than two-week gap between their successive meetings, considering the long-distance relationship they were in.

The news about their confided love affair was however leaked towards the end of October, in the same year. Later that year, on November 8th, Prince Harry released a formal statement confirming the rumours of him dating the American actress Meghan Markle.

The news about the two seeing each other had already taken the internet by a storm. The further rumours and updates about Meghan being introduced to the Royal Family and them getting along very well, made millions of people worldwide, wait for witnessing yet another royal wedding. The announcement of their engagement on the 27th of November, 2017, conquered the digital media and the Spring Wedding became a trending affair.

Another moment of aww came in when, in an interview with BBC, the couple revealed how His Highness proposed marriage to the love of his life. While cooking together, the Prince went on his knees to ask for his companion’s hand, to which, obviously, she agreed. This was followed by the lady receiving a ring from her man.

Agreed that most of us weren’t on the guest list of the Royals, however, the card that went viral on the internet, was approved of as having the same majestic qualities as that of the legacy of the family.

With the mother, there cannot ever be a dull moment

Nevertheless, this wedlock had its share of drama too. Meghan’s paternal half-siblings did not leave any stones unturned to not embarrass Markle in front of the media and her to-be in-laws. No one from her blood relations, except her mother, was a part of her big day. Markle’s father was slated to come for the ceremony, however, apparently, to avoid any more embarrassment to his daughter, he decided otherwise. Moreover, it was also reported that he underwent a heart surgery which restricted him from traveling to the Kensington Palace.

At the face of it, the union of these two beings seems dreamlike, but at the heart of it, it has its own restrains and confinements. Marrying into a royal family is not everybody’s cup of tea. And it definitely is not a cakewalk. For a girl, born and brought up in the States, it took a lot of efforts and guidance to get her attuned to the culture and lifestyle of the Royals. She had to undergo an extensive training to be a principled member of the British royal family. Not only that, she even has to follow certain dos and don’ts. Giving up her acting career is one of the many regulations that she has abided by.

The Prince on the other hand has inculcated several changes in his life too. He has quit smoking, has hit the gym and has also reduced drinking markedly. For the love of his life, he has been modifying ever since.

The Royals have their Best Man and brother, all in one . source

Now that we are well versed with the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex, why not obsess over the majestic ceremony that we got to witness. The ceremony was slated to begin at 12 noon on the 19th of May, 2018. However, before the ceremony could commence, all of us got drooling over a single glance of the bride. Meghan Markle looked splendid in her bridal gown, but her wedding glow stole all the thunder. She was accompanied by her dear mother, in a vintage car. Prince Harry, on the other hand, was clothed in a military uniform which made him appear as stately as ever. He was seen walking into the St. George’s Chapel along with his Best Man and brother, Prince William.

Ms. Markle didn’t have just one, but several young children, serving as page boys and bridesmaids. It was a delight to see the tiny tots perform this pious deed.

The page boys stole the thunder with their cuteness. source

Another soothing sight was to see the groom waiting eagerly for his bride, and when she arrived, the Prince could not contain his happiness. Besides, throughout the ceremony, the Duke had his gaze fixed on his Duchess.  

The guests for the wedding dawned an equally appealing and dignified look. Most marched into the Chapel with their better halves while the rest came in with their best friends. While the ladies accessorized themselves with fascinators and hatinators, the gentlemen appeared ‘gentle’ enough in their monochrome suits. The sight of thousands of people cheering and screaming in joy outside the Chapel, indeed gave a stimulating aura to the whole event.


While the Duchess could not stop admiring her man. source

At the nuptial ceremony, what caught everyone’s attention was the blushing, red-faced bride. All through the course of the rituals, the bride couldn’t hide her blooming face and the 1000-Watt smile that she was wearing. Another tender moment was to see the mother of the bride being teary-eyed seeing her lovely daughter walking down the aisle, and getting ready to start this new part of her life. As for bride’s father, he was reported saying, “my baby looks beautiful and she looks very happy. I wish I were there and I wish them all my love and all happiness.” Ms. Markle too wished that her father would have been present for her grand day, however health is a priority for both of them.

After the service, the Man and his Wife shared a kiss outside the Chapel, followed by a carriage ride through the Windsor town which led them to the St. George’s Hall, where the reception ceremony was held. Followed by this reception, there was a private evening reception held only for the people near and dear to the couple, at the Frogmore House.

Because love is the most powerful energy there is.  source

Now that the rings have been exchanged, they’ll be living in the Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace. Their post-marriage plans and the honeymoon details haven’t been revealed yet, however, it has been brought to notice that the couple will be prioritizing duty over relaxing. Their first social engagement is scheduled for the 22nd of May, 2018, where they will be attending Prince of Wales’ 70th birthday patronage celebration. Further, rumours are rife that the newly weds are supposed to have an autumn honeymoon, later this year. The destination, just like Markle’s wedding look, is a surprise, which has been open to speculations.

The love ballad of these two beautiful souls will always be a part of the British history. May the Prince of Britain and the Queen of “Suits” forever stay blessed. In this new phase of the Duke and his Duchess, we wish them the best of it all.

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