Hate- A different perspective to this frowned upon emotion

Hate is an art of time
The thought that prevails with abhorrence is that it is evil and materialistic and needs to be eliminated from life. People have always condemned it in every manner possible. Do you really think that abhorrence is malignant?

Well, I think it’s the most eloquent emotion amongst all. It all depends on which frame of reference you are using.

“Every coin has two sides, one who enjoys rendering with the fire and worships it and the one who stays away from it”.

On this front,I would like to unfold a short story, which has redefined despise.

The memories flooded in as the knife rushed in, her words ringing in his ears as he succumbed to the darkness he had nurtured for years.

A short cut was taken, through streets dark and slick, a lonely girl was walking, with an acute fear of someone stalking.

She knew that someone was following her, but she didn’t  turn even once. With every foot step she took, she heard the thud of one more.

She couldn’t take it anymore, and her resolve thus broke. Gathering her courage she turned around to see nothing but smoke.

And through the smoke, she saw the devil uncloak.

She summed up all her courage and asked him hesitantly “what do you want now?”

He replied in a voice worse graver than grave, “my position, that you stole from me, I want it back”!

She wept, she cried, she tried to reason, but he wasn’t ready to listen.

He took out a knife, seeing that her vision

blurred,her heart skipped a beat. And then he screamed, “I will never forgive you”.

Mirrors and smokes, truth and lie, her scream tore the fabric of time..

“You will regret this”, she cried out and steeled her resolve.

The devil knew no remorse.

Time slowed, the knife raised high above his head, his mind addled by his hate driven haze. His heart stone cold, pierced the heart of a girl who dreamt of being old.

She died.

But what  he didn’t know was her dying wish

“to come back to this world and haunt him to death”.

She would not let go until she won.

She kept busy.

Seven years later, she got her wish.

It was over.”

This piece can be expounded in two extremely different facets. One, of roaming in a dark alley and the other, of a brave yet a strong mindset of not giving up, both profoundly driven by abhorrence.

This was just one mere tale, there are zillions of stories which go unnoticed as we see hate as a sinful emotion.

There are two ways of perceiving life.

The former is a stagnant person who wants whatever has been achieved by him to stay.He doesn’t want any challenge, any hardships in his life, but here comes an unforgettable truth that there is always one person in this universe who will overshadow you. It all  depends on you. What’s your perspective on it?

In his case, hatred did knock his door with a challenge to test him.

However, he was so engrossed in his own world that the challenge or i should say the motive went completely unnoticed and only the feeling dawned upon him. He got  neck deep into  hatred which led to selfishness followed by self obsession where his ego is hurt, which is mended finally by putting an end to that girl’s life.

Is this the way to deal with abhorrence?

In my opinion, the other side of the story is much more appealing.

Even though her life concluded with a grave in her chest, her mind was still willing to fight. That’s how abhorrence is decoded.

If a positive outlook is taken towards it, i think it can turn a person’s life from despair into fortune.

Speaking on a psychological front, major reason for the more noticeable role of hate is that they possess greater functional value. The risks of responding inappropriately to abhorrence are greater than the risks of responding inappropriately to love, since hate can kill us while love will merely enhance our well-being.

Moreover, a greater variety of response options is needed to cope with potential harm than is needed to “cope” with potential good. In a sense, one does not need to “cope” with good fortune.  Further, an individual who is governed by the seeking of pleasure more than by the avoidance of pain would not survive. Accordingly, hate require more cognitive resources to be allocated for dealing with the given situation.

Hate always comes with a message which is alluring unless you appreciate it.

don’t submit yourself to the circumstances and blame it, instead learn to fight with it”

Like everything, hate too has two faces. Even hate  can become a blessing which can drive someone to achieve the foremost when realised as a motivation instead of hopelessness.

Nevertheless, most people appreciate optimism more than pessimism. In Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost, the Princess of France says: “A heavy heart bears not a humble tongue.” In light of the above claims, we could add to that: “A heavy heart bears not a deceptive eye.”


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