Have a habit of fidgeting? Well, fidgeting is not a bad thing anymore!

If you have got a habit of fidgeting, then there is good news for you. There are various fidget toys available in the market which are absolutely in trend right now. This is an all new craze hitting all around the globe. These are used to relieve stress and improve concentration power of the user through smooth and fast silent rotation of hands. These fidget toys are both are satisfying and relaxing.

Many of us have the habit of shaking our legs, biting our nails, clicking pens and doing other things when we are nervous. Well, we need not need to do these activities and drive our colleagues nuts by showing nervousness and risk being called unprofessional. Retailers are benefitting a lot as they are in great demand and the sales are breaking records every day.

So now we are going to introduce you to some of the fidget toys that are highly in demand.

The fidget spinner-These are the most demanded fidget toy. This has a centre that is attached to the main body . One smooth spin made by your hand can make this spinner rotate on its axis for very long time. These are available in many designs and are even customizable at many web-stores.

Jeliku-This is fun toy and even the kids love it. They are plastic bars attached to each other in such a way that you can fold them into different shapes and structures and then put it back to its original shape. This product is not a hit amongst kids but the teenagers also seem to love it.

Kinetic sand-It is a 3D building toy which resembles wet sand. It contains 98% sand and 2% polydimethylsiloxane (a type of silicone oil). It can be molded as it sticks to itself and does not dry out. It is a boon for kids with intellectual disability as well and playing with it is a very relaxing process. The people who are stressed often find it satisfying. One can even make kinetic sand at home by using sand, corn starch, dish soap and water.

Bubble wrap key chain-This Japanese fidget toy is worth all the hype it is creating. It is perfect for anyone who can’t resist to pop bubble wraps. It is satisfying, isn’t it? We all have done that. Each one of this device has 8 rubbery little ‘bubble buttons’. They have a close tactile feel very close to the bubble wrap. Every 100th pop makes a quirky noise. It can be the barking sound, a boing or a honk. It is available in many different colours and is going to definitely remind you of your childhood.

Slime-Making slime is easy, economical and this malleable activity is very satisfying. These slimes can be made at home using basic ingredients like corn starch, glue, food colouring and glitters. Various people are making and selling these too. You can find all kinds of slime in the market- glitter slimes, crunchy slimes, perfumed slimes and even neon slimes. There are various tutorials on YouTube as well to teach you how to DIY it at home. The best part is that it makes no sound so you can use this as a stress reliever anywhere, even in your meetings or in the classroom.

Fidget cube– It is a very high-quality desk toy for anyone who likes to fidget. It has six sides; each of it contains something to fidget. You can click, glide, flip, rub, roll and spin the tools given on each side respectively. it is small and can easily fit into your pocket and you can easily carry it with you everywhere. It is by far, the second most successful fidget tool following the fidget spinner.


Enmeshed marble– Fidget toys are great for everyone, especially those with ADHD, OCD, autism, or high stress or anxiety. These toys help promote a sense of calm, reduce stress / anxiety and can be helpful in increasing concentration. This toy is a simple mesh bag containing a marble. One can easily make this at home too. It is the simplest of all the fidget tools and economical too.

Tangle fidget toy– Sitting with idle hands, when you can’t help yourself from fidgeting, this toy can come to your rescue. It can be folded and squeezed and can be used to form many shapes. This is similar to the Jeliku, only that it is flexible. Available in a mix of different colours, this is ideal even for kids.

Stress balls- malleable toy that can be squeezed with hands and manipulated by the fingers to relieve stress or muscle tension. When we are stressed, our body tenses and we clench physically. This stress ball helps you to squeeze and release which helps you to relieve yourself from stress. They are available in many shapes and a variety of designs and sizes.

These were some of the fidget toys that would help you to calm yourself and keep your anxiety level under control. Choose yourself the one that suits your needs and see the results for yourself.

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