History redefined by ​women: women in blue are the new superheroes

“Who’s going to wash the dishes back home?” “Who’s going to prepare all the meals for the family?” All these stereotypes were broken by the Women’s Cricket Team of India.

A magnificent performance by the women’s team in ICC Final, they won our hearts. It was so ecstatic to see that our nation was so positive about them, there was no criticism about the match, or the way they played, or any comparison against the Men’s team. Patriotism and gratification lurked over India as they cheered for the Superwomen!

The entire social media was filled with extravagance and happiness.

It does not matter if they won the World cup, one thing’s for sure that they won our hearts!

Women are restricted to household. They are considered rebel and not upto the norms of the society. This mentality was broken by the Indian Women’s Cricket Team. We salute you!

Women have been the rulers since the 1200s, starting with Razia Sultana. And now her we are in 2017, with this women’s team of India, the Sultans, the Queens!

And to conclude, women are the future of tomorrow. With Indira Gandhis, Kiran Bedis, Arundhati Roys and Neerjas, we now have 11 women in blue, that have definitely redefined history in its truest form!

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