How Gurudwaras Are Serving To Aid Helpless People With No Food

International Langar Week, initiated by the Sikh Press Association (SikhPA) in London

It’s a moment of pride as Golden Temple has received the most visited place of the world award by ‘World Book of Records (WBR)’. Over 1,00,000 people visit the holy shrine on a daily basis. It serves ‘langar’ (simple but hygenic vegetarian meal) to all visitors without discrimination and is open to all men and women, from all walks of life and faith. More than 5000 people are fed everyday, at this auspicious site.

Where starvation is acting like a blotch on our progressing nation, the noble deed is initiated by Gurudwaras, who feed those people who cannot afford to buy even a single meal in a day. Poor people find their saviour in Gurudwaras to satiate their hunger and are embraced with love and affection. Also, the cleanliness process is done promptly. The carpets are rolled and the floor is mopped as soon as people are done with their eating and leave.

Volunteers cook bountiful food. Everyone is welcomed regardless of their faith, gender, ethnicity or financial status. The food served is provided from the donations given by the faithful worshippers and  is available in abundance.

When it is served, all devotees sit together in rows on the floor, irrespective of their caste, religion and creed. The great beauty, soothing environment and infrastructure adds to the sublime peacefulness. The management process is tremendous as large donations are used to feed people. The Khalsa Aid, an international non-profit aid and relief organization founded on the Sikh principles of selfless service and universal love, has provided relief and assistance to victims of disasters, wars and other tragic events around the world.

With Sikhs comprising of only 2% of the Indian population, people belonging to different religions come together to volunteer for the righteous work of serving in Gurudwaras. Although there are lesser number of Gurudwaras in India than temples, mosques and churches, it has achieved considerable success in serving the nation. If only churches, mosques and temples can also endeavour to feed people, no one will sleep hungry.

The images of beggars asking for alms have always haunted our country. Many people die everyday due to hunger and malnutrition. If temples, mosques and churches put an effort to feed even a small group of people in a day, hunger and poverty can be a thing of the past. Though eradicating poverty is the responsibility of the government, but there are various ways in which temples, mosques and churches can help. They can use part of their enormous donations to feed the people in need. The oneness of all people and religion can eradicate hunger. Gurudwaras can serve as an example to other monuments to prevent and fight hunger.There are many people in the world who die hungry, it is necessary to spread the message of giving, to save the lives of people and to make the Earth a better place to live.

A noble thought can only spread when each and every one of us decides to join hands in order to make a change.

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