How to make your first night together more special and romantic

When a couple is in a meaningful relationship together, the first night they plan to have together is a big deal. The night is not only about sex, it is about every moment that will be shared. It will add on to the experience if the couple puts in a few efforts to make the night the most memorable one.

 Ambiance is everything

Music is a soul stirrer. It adds essence to every experience .Make sure you play music which you both prefer or  stick to vintage songs.  You can use playlists off the internet and set the mood right. Old songs, jazz music, sax music are a great choice. Dim down the lights, use candles, spray on some amazing room fresher (or use flowers)- set the place right and comfortable.

Make sure both you and your partner don’t have to attend to any calls, texts or e- mails during the night. Also, it’s a good idea to plan beforehand to avoid sudden family emergencies and friends drop byes. Get lost in each other and enjoy your night to the fullest.No phone/laptop rule

Wine and Dine

If you both consume alcohol, get a good bottle of wine or champagne. You can pair it up with pastries and  chocolates and indulge. Order food which is not too heavy so that when it’s time for the actual fun, you are not bloated, full and don’t feel like throwing up.


Play around

As the night progresses, take your conversation to the next- level. Hint your partner what you would want to do to them. Touch him/ her playfully and see how they react. It will be electric and heat things up.

Get hot lingerie

There’s nothing like provocative, sexy lingerie to get a man’s attention. It will maximize the already much awaited moment and anticipation. You will have a great experience together and your man will thank you for it.

Keep the next day light

Plan your night keeping in mind that you don’t have to rush off somewhere the next day like say, for a flight. Sleep in with each other, talk and share your special moments. Communication plays a huge role in a meaningful relationship and will add to your feelings for each other.

When you plan extra for your first special night together, it is a memory in making. Small gestures and efforts like these will add on to the experience and both of you will always remember it!

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